Anupama 25th March 2023 full episode written update: Anuj leaves Anupama



The popular show “Anupama” continues to captivate audiences with its intriguing storyline and high TRP ratings. In the latest episode, tensions rise as Anuj contemplates his decision inside the house.


Anuj’s Decision Unsettles Everyone

The episode begins with Devika pondering over what might be transpiring inside the house. Dimple expresses concern about whether Anuj will stick to his decision to leave. Dheeraj suggests that they can only wait for the outcome, while Ankush prays for a happy resolution.

Amidst the tension, Anuj takes a photograph out of his bag, leaving Anupama utterly shocked as he walks out of the room.


Anupama’s Heartfelt Plea

Anupama is unable to contain her emotions and urgently implores everyone to stop Anuj from leaving the house. She even declares her willingness to leave the house herself if that’s what he desires. Dheeraj, unable to bear the emotional turmoil, slaps Anuj.

Anuj firmly asserts that despite everyone’s efforts to console him, he won’t take advantage of the situation and trivialize the matter. He emphasizes that it’s his life, and no one truly comprehends his feelings. To everyone’s astonishment, he reveals that he has transferred his entire property to Anupama and Ankush’s names.

Anupama, determined to respect his wishes, offers to leave if that’s what he truly wants. She challenges him to look into her eyes and tell her that he no longer loves her. As Anuj steps back and walks away, Anupama collapses, and Devika, Dhiraj, Barkha, and Ankush rush to her aid.


Anuj’s Departure Shakes Everyone

Dimple rushes to inform Samar about Anuj and Anupama’s heartbreaking situation. She discovers that Anuj has left home and expresses concern that Anupama might not have been able to stop him.

Vanraj, on the other hand, reflects on Anuj’s departure and suggests that he has proven himself to be an ordinary man. He decides to try and stop Anuj, but Adhik and Pakhi intervene. Vanraj can’t help but smile, and Kavya notices his reaction.

Devika grows increasingly anxious about Anupama’s well-being and decides to take matters into her own hands. She regains consciousness and resolves to search for Anuj.


Devika and Anupama’s Stand

Dimple advises Anupama to stay calm, assuring her that Dhiraj has gone to bring Anuj back. Barkha, however, taunts Anupama for seemingly neglecting her responsibilities due to the Shah family.

Devika, standing up for Anupama, questions Dimple about why Anupama was left to fight alone, despite the fact that she was fighting for everyone’s sake. She points out that everyone seems to recognize Anupama’s worth only when they need her.


Anupama’s Determination

Anupama reaches a decision and announces her intention to search for Anuj herself. Ankush suggests to Devika that they give Anupama some space during this difficult time.

Vanraj reflects on his conversations with Anuj, and Kavya confronts him about his apparent happiness. Vanraj retorts, suggesting that Kavya can return to Anirudh if she wishes to discuss matters further.

As the episode unfolds, Barkha advises Ankush to take charge of the Kapadia Empire. Viewers can catch the entire episode on Starplus and stay tuned for more updates on the show’s gripping storyline.