Anupama full episode 17 July 2023 written update: Anuj angry with Anupama



Welcome back to the latest episode update of the popular show, Anupama. This television series continues to capture the hearts of viewers, boasting impressive TRP ratings. In this episode, we witness an emotional rollercoaster as Anupama grapples with her inner turmoil.

Anupama, the mother, finds herself in a complex situation. She worries about the lack of response from Malti, which has left her anxious. Anupama suspects that Nakul may be occupied with the daunting task of canceling the results. Her concerns deepen as she contemplates how to face Malti and make eye contact with her. She reflects on her decision to embrace motherhood and admits that she had been ignoring the signals from the universe urging her to stop. Anupama recalls Maya, who was deeply concerned about her. She expresses her determination to return for Anu, but the challenge lies in conveying her intentions effectively.

Meanwhile, Malti listens to Nakul’s voice message, inquiring about her lack of response. It dawns on her that Anupama has returned to India. The concept of a guru’s blessing being a double-edged sword, turning perilous when transformed into a curse, resonates with Malti. The family is puzzled as they experience a sudden power outage, and Leela predicts an impending storm.

Anupama embarks on a search for Anu but informs Pakhi that she is asleep. Kinjal suggests that Anupama should take some time to explain the reason for her return. Anupama acknowledges that everyone is eager to learn the truth. When Malti enters the house, Anupama extends an apology to her. However, this heartfelt moment takes an unexpected turn as Malti embraces Anupama and then proceeds to slap her, leaving everyone in shock.

Amidst the turmoil, Anuj attempts to intervene, but Anupama urges him to refrain. Vanraj also aligns himself with Anupama, further escalating the tension. Malti asserts her disapproval of Anupama and revokes her rights as a student. Anuj voices his objections, emphasizing that Malti’s behavior is unjust and wrong. He defends Anupama’s actions and insists that Malti should reconsider her stance. Anupama intervenes to maintain peace within the family and implores Malti to provide her with an opportunity to explain her actions.

Malti, although skeptical, grants Anupama the chance to speak. Anupama seizes this moment to convey her unwavering dedication to her children. She passionately articulates the essence of motherhood and shares her perspective on prioritizing her children’s happiness over her own dreams. Anupama bravely admits that she cannot abandon her responsibilities, especially when her daughter yearns for her presence. Her words leave Malti, Devi, and others in utter shock.

Anupama extends her apologies to Malti and acknowledges her own choices, emphasizing that her daughter’s happiness takes precedence over everything else. She dismisses the notion of being considered foolish for forsaking her opportunity to move to the USA, reiterating that her daughter’s joy is her utmost priority. Anupama’s heartfelt confession leaves an indelible mark on everyone present.

The show continues to unfold intriguing twists and captivating moments, keeping viewers eagerly awaiting what happens next. Stay connected with us for more thrilling updates on Anupama.