Anupama Written Update 18th March 2023 Today’s Episode: Anuj Ignores Anupama



In this latest Anupama written update for 18th March 2023, we dive into the emotional rollercoaster that the characters are experiencing. Anuj is grappling with his feelings for Anupama, while Anupama’s unwavering determination shines through. Let’s unravel the heartfelt moments from today’s episode.


Anuj’s Heartache

The episode begins with a poignant moment as Anuj candidly expresses to Anupama that Anu has left them forever. His emotions overflow, and he breaks down. Meanwhile, Maya, a keen observer, notices Anupama gazing at pictures of Anuj and Anupama. She approaches Anupama and inquires about her melancholy. Anupama confides that she misses them deeply, and her heart aches in their absence. Maya, being the comforting friend that she is, reassures Anupama that everything will eventually return to normal. Anupama, with a wistful smile, acknowledges that they are always with her, emphasizing their profound connection.


Anupama’s Choice

Anupama opens up to Maya, expressing her newfound understanding of how significant they are in her life. She cherishes their presence immensely. Maya, perceptive and caring, poses a crucial question – does Anupama wish to return to them? This heartwarming exchange reflects the depth of their friendship and the unwavering support Maya offers. Anupama’s response showcases her resilience, as she mentions her willingness to stay alone if necessary, as long as her happiness remains intact.


Anuj’s Heartfelt Regret

Meanwhile, Anuj confronts Anupama, conveying his sense of failure in winning over Anu’s heart. He draws a poignant parallel, likening his past as an orphan to Anu’s current situation. Anuj blames himself for the current circumstances, expressing profound regret. Anupama intervenes, urging him not to shoulder this burden of guilt. Anuj’s emotions spill over as he shares his fear of having to bid farewell to their daughter someday, but not like this. His tears are a testament to the depth of his emotions.


Maya’s Support

Maya, a steadfast friend to Anupama, reassures her that she won’t be alone. She lovingly embraces Anupama and declares her love, promising to help her forget Anuj and Anu. However, Anupama remains resolute, expressing her reluctance to erase them from her heart. She yearns to hold on to the beautiful memories they shared. Maya, understanding and compassionate, suggests a way for Anupama to stay connected with them.


Anuj’s Struggle and Anupama’s Determination

As the episode progresses, we witness Anuj’s turmoil as he watches videos of Anu. His heartache is palpable, and it’s evident that he is finding it challenging to cope with the absence of his daughter. Meanwhile, Vanraj and Leela are taken aback by the unexpected sight of Anirudh and Kavya together. Hasmukh extends his support to Anirudh and Kavya.


Anupama’s Resolve

Anupama confides in Hasmukh about Anuj’s silence and his constant thoughts about Anu. Her concern for their relationship is evident. Barkha and Dimple provide comfort to Anupama during this trying time. Anupama, aware of the potential strain on their bond, urges Anuj to communicate. However, his silence persists, leaving Anupama and her well-wishers worried.


A Glimmer of Hope

In a touching moment, Anu calls out to Anuj and Anupama, leaving them overjoyed. They eagerly invite her to visit. Anuj captures a screenshot of the precious moment. Anupama is determined to alleviate Anuj’s pain, recognizing the danger of his descent into depression. Despite Anuj’s initial reluctance to engage, Anupama remains unwavering in her efforts to mend their relationship.



Today’s episode of Anupama is a testament to the power of love, friendship, and determination. Anuj and Anupama navigate the complexities of their emotions, while Maya and Anupama’s unwavering support for each other shines through. As we eagerly anticipate what lies ahead, one thing is clear: the bonds of love and understanding will ultimately prevail.