Anupama written update 24 August 2023 full episode today updates



The episode kicks off with Pakhi and Adhik joining the Kapadia family for breakfast. The atmosphere seems cordial, but a bombshell is dropped when Romil calls out what he believes to be a charade. Barkha and Ahi are left stunned by his accusation. Adhik, on the other hand, is seen tending to Pakhi, displaying a caring demeanor. However, Anupama isn’t one to be fooled. She interrupts, urging Pakhi to drop the act. Anupama then inquires if she should prepare Theple, a dish Adhik particularly enjoys.


In the Shah House

While Anupama takes charge in the Kapadia household, Hasmuk is eager to contribute his efforts. Kinjal and Kavya, however, insist that he takes a moment to rest. Meanwhile, Leela takes it upon herself to tidy up the Mandir. In a tender moment, Leela urges Kavya, who is pregnant, to rest, emphasizing that pregnancy isn’t an ailment. She also delegates cleaning responsibilities to Dimple, who occupies the adjacent space.


Business Talks and Family Dynamics

At the workplace, Anuj and Ankush delve into their discussions. Adhik, keen to stay connected, explores internet options to stay engaged in the meeting. The conversation shifts to a project, and Pakhi proposes that it be handed over to Adhik. Anupama, taken aback, questions why Adhik should be favored for the project. She asserts her position as the project lead, prompting Anuj to encourage Pakhi to approach the office if she wishes to discuss further.


A Glimpse of Realities

As the day unfolds, Romil’s candid observation echoes the sentiments of many: Adhik’s true intentions are evident to everyone except Pakhi. Meanwhile, Dimple prioritizes her tasks, leaving Samar to fend for himself for breakfast. Leela imparts wisdom on cleanliness and responsibility. Anupama addresses Romil’s habit of smoking, advising him to channel his talents towards something enriching. She suggests guitar classes, a prospect that leaves Romil taken aback.


A Noteworthy Lesson

In a separate interaction, Kinjal urges Anupama to visit the Shah household, a request met with concern from Anupama. Meanwhile, Dimple brings attention to the electricity bill, prompting Anupama to encourage her to take charge of her responsibilities. The episode wraps up, leaving viewers eager for what’s to come. Don’t miss out on the action, catch it on Star Plus!