Anupama Written Update 26th July 2023: Today’s Episode



Welcome back to the latest written update of the immensely popular show, Anupama, as of 26th July 2023. This show continues to reign with top TRP ratings on television, garnering a devoted fan base. In this episode, we witness a series of dramatic events that unfold within the Shah family.


A Tense Exchange

The episode commences with Vanraj seeking answers from Samar regarding Dimple’s revelations. Tensions run high as everyone urges Samar to speak up. Hasmuk inquires how such a mistake could have occurred, suggesting that Samar may have been pressured by Malti to err, citing the previous mistakes of Pakhi and Paritosh.


Accusations Fly

Paritosh, who once enjoyed Anupama’s praises, now finds himself aligning with Malti’s perspective. Dimple, however, firmly defends her husband and chastises Paritosh for being jobless. Kinjal intervenes, urging Dimple to refrain from further discussion, and asserting that she has no place in the dispute between Paritosh and Samar.


Samar’s Confession

Vanraj is deeply disappointed and questions Samar’s actions. Samar, visibly upset, requests them not to label him a “good boy.” He insists that he is not hiding anything and is willing to share everything with them, right then and there.


Anuj’s Offer

Anuj intervenes, suggesting that Samar, if he genuinely realizes his mistake, could bridge the gap between Malti and Anupama. He proposes that Samar could work diligently and potentially compensate for Malti’s losses. Anuj even offers to inquire about the extent of Malti’s losses and be prepared to cover them.


Family Dynamics

The Shah family expresses their disapproval of Samar working with Malti. Dimple stands up for their decision while Samar attempts to clarify matters with Anupama.


Malti’s Agenda

Meanwhile, Malti informs Nakul about her decision to hire Samar and Dimple. Nakul questions Malti’s motives and why she wishes to target Anupama’s child. Malti, with determination, vows to exact her revenge on Anupama, leaving Nakul bewildered.


A Mother’s Support

Anupama extends her unwavering support to Samar’s decision. She encourages him to work diligently and not allow Malti or her issues to deter his progress. This moment serves as a reminder of a previous conversation between Vanraj and Samar, where Samar was questioned about his discomfort with being labeled a “good boy.”


A Family United

Hasmuk bestows his blessings upon Samar for his new job, highlighting the importance of family unity. Anupama makes a firm decision to shield her children from Malti’s anger.


Stay Tuned

As the episode unfolds, tensions continue to rise, and questions loom large. To catch the full episode, tune in to Star Plus. Stay connected for more updates on this compelling series.