Anupama Written Update 8 August 2023: Today’s Episode Spoiler



Welcome back to the latest written update of the immensely popular show, Anupama, as of August 8, 2023. This show continues to dominate television with its impressive TRP ratings, and its compelling storyline has garnered a devoted fan following. In this episode, we witness intriguing developments that keep the viewers hooked.


Malti’s Generosity

Malti takes a step towards generosity as she suggests increasing Samar and Dimple’s salaries. However, Nakul hesitates, citing their recent employment. Malti, determined to see them prosper, insists on giving their careers a boost. This gesture doesn’t sit well with Vanraj, who accuses Malti of crossing a line. He warns her against targeting his children and makes it clear that he is not as forgiving as Anupama.


Anupama’s Resilience

Anupama, always a source of strength, learns about Vanraj’s meeting with Malti through a text message. Despite the challenges posed by Vanraj’s actions, she stands her ground. She visits the Shah family, where Samar and Dimple express their disappointment in Vanraj. Anupama takes the opportunity to impart some valuable life lessons to them, reminding them to maintain their composure and dignity.


Anupama’s Independence

Anupama demonstrates her independence and resilience once again. She decides to prepare a meal for her family, showcasing her unwavering determination to provide for her loved ones.


Kavya’s Concerns

Kavya, concerned about Vanraj’s late-night visit to Anupama, inquires about their meeting. She clarifies that she isn’t accusing Anupama but is simply curious about the situation. Kavya emphasizes the bond between her and Vanraj, indicating that he often confides in her.


Malti’s Warning

Malti shares a warning she received from Vanraj with Dimple. She cautions her not to punish her out of anger and insists that the Shahs are envious of her. Dimple dismisses these accusations and labels the Shah family as abnormal.


Revelations and Tensions

Tensions run high as Pakhi and Robin collide, leading to an altercation between Adhik and Robin. Ankush intervenes, urging Adhik to stop targeting him. Barkha and Adhik accuse Pakhi of taking Robin’s side, resulting in further discord.


Anupama’s Protective Stance

In a crucial moment, Malti approaches Anupama and seems on the verge of revealing a significant secret. However, Anupama intervenes and swiftly sends Malti inside. Anupama takes a moment to apologize for her behavior, even before she has the chance to act on it. She urges Malti to refrain from targeting her children in her fits of rage, issuing a stern warning.