“April Banbury and Ryan Darvill had a short-lived romance after The Cabins



April Banbury, now starring on Married at First Sight, is no stranger to reality TV romance. Before her daring Channel 4 endeavor, she made waves on ITV’s The Cabins. While her current marriage unfolds on-screen, let’s revisit her past with Ryan Darvill and understand why they parted ways.


Meeting Ryan from The Cabins:

Ryan, a model from Winchester, made his mark on ITV’s The Cabins in November 2020. Standing tall at 6 feet 1 inch, he’s not only a striking presence but also a fitness enthusiast. Alongside his modeling career, Ryan’s versatile skills include being a qualified electrician, carpenter, and events planner. His journey in the fashion industry began in 2015, and he continues to leave his mark.


April and Ryan’s Flirtation:

On The Cabins, sparks flew between April and Ryan, culminating in shared moments of affection on the sofa and in the hot tub. Their connection extended beyond the show, progressing into real-world dating. Ryan even became a part of April’s world, meeting her friends and adding a touch of holiday cheer by helping decorate her Christmas tree.


The Journey Post-Reunion:

Following the show’s reunion, April and Ryan remained an item. However, the challenges of the pandemic cast a shadow on their romance. Plans for a post-Covid meet-up were put on hold, and eventually, their paths diverged. While the circumstances forced them apart, April expressed her desire for a gradual approach to their relationship.


MAFS: April’s Path with George:

April’s current venture on Married at First Sight with George started off positively, but hurdles emerged during their honeymoon. George learned of an incident, causing a strain in their relationship. Despite their efforts to reconcile, their journey took a rocky turn. April hinted at finding enduring friendships through the experience, but her relationship status with George remained uncertain.


April’s Reflection on the Journey:

In a candid interview, April shared her insights, highlighting the invaluable friendships she forged during her reality TV ventures. She emphasized the need for personal growth and taking things one step at a time. For now, she’s focused on navigating her current path, steering clear of another reality show endeavor.

Conclusion: Navigating Love’s Twists and Turns

April Banbury’s journey from The Cabins to Married at First Sight has been marked by twists and turns. Her experiences with Ryan and her current venture with George reveal the complexities of love in the spotlight. As she navigates this new chapter, April’s openness about her journey serves as a reminder that the path to love is often filled with surprises and challenges.