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Warner Bros. Discovery has hit a rough patch, and it’s causing concern in the market. The company’s stocks have dropped to their lowest point in a decade, leaving investors worried about the future. Let’s explore what’s going on and the challenges ahead.


Stocks Hit a Decade Low

On the 22nd of December 2022, Warner Bros. Discovery stocks fell to just $8.82, marking the lowest point in a decade. Sadly, this downward trend continued, with another drop to $8.85 per share on the 27th of December 2022. These declines are a far cry from their peak when the release of Justice League Snyder Cut in 2021 saw their stocks soar.


DC Studios’ Mixed Fortunes

DC Studios and Warner Bros. had their moment of glory when Zack Snyder’s Justice League was released in March 2021. Stock prices skyrocketed to an all-time high of $77.27. But, within a year, things took a sharp turn for the worse.


Challenges for DC Studios

After the Snyder Cut, fans hoped for more of Zack Snyder’s DC Universe vision, but the studio had other plans. Unfortunately, Zack Snyder confirmed that he wouldn’t be working on any sequels to his film.

Joss Whedon’s Justice League had already caused significant losses for the studio. However, the success of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman film breathed new life into the DC Universe. It became one of the highest-grossing solo female superhero movies, earning $822.8 million at the Box Office.

Aquaman and Shazam! followed suit, both performing well at the Box Office. Despite these successes, Warner Bros. struggled to unite these superheroes in a cohesive cinematic universe.


A Turning Point

The merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery, Inc. in April 2022 marked a turning point. Rumors swirled about the cancellation of the Snyderverse, and it seemed that Henry Cavill’s return as Superman was off the table.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson managed to secure Henry Cavill’s return in a post-credit scene, but the film failed to perform well at the Box Office. The studio brought in James Gunn and Peter Safran as new heads of the DC Universe, rejecting many projects, including Wonder Woman 3 and Man of Steel 2.

Henry Cavill and Dwayne Johnson both confirmed their departures from the DC Universe, leaving the futures of Gal Gadot and Zachary Levi uncertain. Rumors suggested that Jason Momoa might return as a new character.

Gunn’s vision for the DC Universe prioritizes lesser-known characters over the original Justice League members, a move that didn’t sit well with fans. Their frustrations found expression in the declining stock prices of Warner Bros. Discovery.


The Path Forward

While Henry Cavill’s departure may not be the sole reason for the stock drop, it’s clear that public sentiment towards Warner Bros. Discovery has soured. Change is needed.

Can DC Studios bounce back? Despite the current challenges, fans should exercise patience and give James Gunn’s vision a chance. He advises waiting for official announcements, as many rumors are untrue.

DC Comics boasts a treasure trove of beloved characters and captivating storylines. The Arrowverse has shown that DC content can thrive on television, even if the cinematic universe faces hurdles. James Gunn, known for his work on Guardians of the Galaxy, deserves a fair shot at reshaping DC Studios.



Warner Bros. Discovery is facing one of its toughest periods due to the struggles of DC Studios. However, with the right vision and patience, there’s hope for a brighter future. James Gunn’s creative direction, coupled with DC’s iconic characters, could pave the way for a reinvigorated DC Universe. While challenges lie ahead, the journey is far from over.