Are Luka Keoni And Jaimee Neale Still Together: What Happened Between Them?



People have been curious about the relationship status of Luka Keoni and Jaimee Neale, especially after watching their romance unfold on the second season of “Below Deck Down Under.” In this article, we’ll provide you with the latest updates on their status and what they’ve been up to.


Luka Keoni and Jaimee Neale’s TV Romance

On the season two finale of “Below Deck Down Under,” viewers saw sparks flying between Jaimee Neale, Culver Bradbury, and Luka Keoni. The chemistry was undeniable, and they even shared a passionate kiss. However, when it comes to real life, it appears that Luka and Jaimee aren’t romantically involved. They haven’t mentioned each other on social media or left any comments, suggesting that their on-screen romance hasn’t translated into a real-life relationship.


Luka Keoni’s Current Relationship

Luka Keoni is in a relationship with Lorena Peach, a Balinese model. While it’s unclear if they’ve tied the knot, Lorena has shared videos and images of Luka on her social media. However, Luka has chosen to keep his social media relatively silent about their relationship. Nevertheless, their frequent interactions and affectionate comments on each other’s posts indicate that they are growing closer.


Jaimee Neale’s Relationship Status

As for Jaimee Neale, her social media profiles don’t suggest that she’s currently dating anyone. But it’s important to note that celebrities often keep their personal lives private. Jaimee seems to be enjoying her time with friends and has maintained connections with her Season 2 “Below Deck Down Under” co-stars, Aesha, Tzarina, and Margot.


Group Hangouts

Recently, the group of friends spent quality time together and even shared a lighthearted photo on social media. While there have been speculations about Culver dating Season 2 chef Tzarina from “Below Deck Down Under,” nothing has been officially confirmed. On the show, Culver and Tzarina grew closer, but it seemed more like a friendly connection than a romantic one. Tzarina’s playful social media posts, like comparing outfits with Culver, have kept fans intrigued.



In conclusion, it appears that Luka Keoni and Jaimee Neale are not together romantically in real life, despite their on-screen chemistry. Luka is in a relationship with Lorena Peach, while Jaimee’s relationship status remains private. The group of friends from “Below Deck Down Under” seems to be enjoying their time together, keeping fans entertained. For more updates, you can catch Season 2 of “Below Deck Down Under” on Bravo. Stay tuned for any further developments in the lives of these reality TV stars!