Attack On Titan Map All Nations, Walls Districts Explained



Attack on Titan is a famous story that’s all about war and revenge. Today, we won’t delve into the battles but rather explore the fascinating world of Attack on Titan. If you’re a fan, you know that this world resembles our own but with some twists. The creator, Hajime Isayama, once said he flipped the real world map to create this unique universe.

Now, let’s embark on a journey to understand the Attack on Titan world map in detail.


Marley: The Powerful Nation

Marley is a massive nation located across Paradis Island, home to the Eldians. Imagine a game of ‘tug of war’ when you think of Marley’s history. It was a dominant force until King Fritz of Eldia harnessed the power of Ymir, a titan slave. Using this power, Fritz defeated Marley and other nations.

When Ymir passed away while saving King Fritz, her descendants inherited her power, resulting in nine titans becoming the core of the Eldian Empire. During the Great Titan War, as Eldia faced internal conflicts, Marley fought to reclaim its territory and gained seven of the nine titans, becoming a superpower.

To maintain their supremacy, Marley needed fuel, which Paradis Island had in abundance. This need led to the attack on Paradis Island and triggered another war between the two.


Marley is situated in the center of the Attack on Titan world map, surrounded by sea and different continents. It’s to the west of Paradis Island.


Inside Marley: A Closer Look

Here are some significant locations within Marley:

  • Liberio: This city acts as an internment zone for Eldians, second-class citizens serving the Marleyan Empire.
  • Lakua: A military base located in western Marley.
  • Lago: Once a Marleyan city, it was destroyed in a single day by the Eldian Empire’s titans, known as “The Tragic Fall of Lago.”
  • Odiha: A city in the southern part of Marley.
  • Karifa: A naval port on Marley’s northern coast.
  • Fort Salta: An airship research base located in the southern region, fortified by Marley.


Marley’s Real-Life Inspiration

Marley’s geography is based on the continent of Africa. If you compare the Attack on Titan world map with our real world, you’ll see the resemblance to the African continent.


Paradis Island: The Last Bastion

Paradis Island is the final refuge for the Subjects of Ymir, those with the ability to transform into titans. This island lies on the east coast of Marley.


After Ymir’s death, King Fritz moved the Eldian capital to Paradis Island due to internal conflicts. He built three walls there to protect Eldians from external threats. Marley also constructed a wall on Paradis Island’s southern shore to defend against escaping titans.

Paradis Island also served as a dumping ground for Eldian criminals, turning them into titans and releasing them on the island.


Located east of Marley, Paradis Island is mostly surrounded by the ocean, except on the eastern side.


Paradis Island’s Real-Life Parallel

Paradis Island is geographically inspired by Madagascar Island. If you compare the two maps, you’ll notice the similarities between Paradis Island and the real-world Madagascar.


Walls and Districts Inside Paradis Island

Within Paradis Island, you’ll find the nation of Eldia, their last stronghold. To protect the Subjects of Ymir, King Fritz utilized the Founding Titan’s power to create three walls named after Ymir’s daughters: Sheena, Rose, and Maria.


 Wall Maria

Wall Maria is the outermost barrier guarding Eldia. It stands at approximately 50 meters high, and only one district is known within its walls.

Shiganshina District:

Situated in the south of Wall Maria, Shiganshina District is where Attack on Titan’s story began. It’s the home of Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert. The Colossal Titan’s breach of Shiganshina’s walls marked the start of their quest for revenge.

Titan Forest:

This forest is known for its towering trees, reaching around 80 meters in height. While the name implies the presence of titans, it primarily helps them hide. You can find these forests both inside and outside Wall Maria.


 Wall Rose

The second outermost wall is Wall Rose, which the Colossal Titan also breached, but Eren Yeager managed to seal it.

Now you have a clearer picture of the Attack on Titan world map, its nations, and the intricate history behind them. It’s a world where war and titans shape the destiny of its people. As you dive deeper into the series, remember the real-world inspirations behind this captivating universe.