Australian Idol 2023 Winner, Runner-up Name, Prize Money



Australian Idol, a beloved singing competition, has returned with its eighth season in 2023, captivating audiences across Australia. The journey from auditions to the grand finale has been filled with remarkable talent, and in this article, we’ll uncover the Australian Idol 2023 winner, runner-up, and the coveted prize money. Keep reading to stay in the loop.


Australian Idol Season 8 Commencement

The much-anticipated Australian Idol Season 8 kicked off its musical journey on January 30, 2023. After a rigorous audition process that attracted contestants from all corners of the country, the field was narrowed down to the Top 50. As the competition progressed, the stage was eventually set for the final showdown, featuring the top three contestants who would vie for the coveted Australian Idol title.


Australian Idol 2023 Prize Package

The Australian Idol 2023 winner would not only bask in the glory of being crowned the champion but would also receive a substantial monetary reward of $100,000. Additionally, the winner would be granted a valuable record deal with Sony Music, opening doors to a promising career in the music industry. The show’s format hinges on audience votes and the critical evaluation of judges.


Meet the Top 3 Finalists

  1. Royston Sagigi-Baira – Australian Idol 2023 Winner
    • Age: 23
    • Hometown: Far North Queensland
    • Status: Winner 🏆
    • Prize Money: $100,000
  2. Phoebe Stewart – Australian Idol 2023 Runner-up
    • Age: 15
    • Hometown: Busselton, Western Australia
    • Status: Runner-up
  3. Josh Hannan – Australian Idol 2023 3rd Place
    • Age: 20
    • Hometown: Mount Evelyn, Victoria
    • Status: 3rd Place


The Remarkable Finalists

1. Royston Sagigi-Baira – The Australian Idol 2023 Winner Royston, a 23-year-old from Far North Queensland, emerged as the Australian Idol 2023 champion. His remarkable talent and dedication led him to victory. As the winner, he secured a recording contract with Sony Music, a significant cash prize of $100,000, and the prestigious winner’s trophy. Royston actively shares his musical journey on Instagram, where he enjoys the support of 14,000 followers. Connect with him on Instagram @roystonnoell.

2. Phoebe Stewart – The Runner-Up Phoebe Stewart, a talented 15-year-old from Busselton, Western Australia, showcased her exceptional vocal abilities throughout the competition. Although she secured the runner-up position, her future in the music industry remains bright. Phoebe shares her passion for music with her 11,900 Instagram followers. Follow her musical journey on Instagram @phoeba__stewart.

3. Josh Hannan – The 3rd Place Finalist Josh Hannan, 20, hailing from Mount Evelyn, Victoria, clinched the third place in the Australian Idol 2023 competition. His remarkable performances and dedication earned him a spot in the top three. Josh keeps his fans engaged with updates on his musical journey via Instagram, boasting a following of 14,800. Stay connected with him on Instagram @joshhannanmusic.


In Conclusion

Australian Idol Season 8 once again demonstrated its significance in the Australian music scene, providing emerging talents with a remarkable platform. The winner’s direct opportunity to record with Sony Music is a promising start for a budding artist. The journey of Royston Sagigi-Baira, Phoebe Stewart, and Josh Hannan has just begun, and their fans eagerly anticipate their future endeavors in the music industry.