Baddies West’s DJ Sky High Baby moved to Atlanta for network opportunities at 21



DJ Sky High Baby, the rising star of Baddies West, has been making waves in the music scene. Fans are curious about her age and birthday, so let’s dive into her journey from Baltimore to the West Coast and uncover some exciting details about her life.


Early Passion for Music:

As a child in Baltimore, DJ Sky High Baby discovered her love for music. Even at a young age, she showed a deep passion for beats and melodies. Her journey into the music world began long before she reached her twenties.


The Move to Atlanta:

By the time she turned 21, DJ Sky High Baby decided to take a big step towards her dreams. She relocated to Atlanta in pursuit of better networking opportunities. This move was a crucial turning point in her career, opening doors to new possibilities.


The SoundCloud Breakthrough:

DJ Sky High Baby’s career gained momentum with the release of her first mixtape, “24k The Gold Tape,” on the audio app SoundCloud. This mixtape not only showcased her talent but also garnered her a dedicated following.


A Friendship with Yung Thug:

In the music industry, connections are everything. DJ Sky High Baby found a steadfast supporter in rapper Yung Thug, who collaborated with her on music projects. This collaboration catapulted her further into the spotlight.


The Move to Los Angeles:

With her career on the rise, DJ Sky High Baby made the big move to Los Angeles. In the City of Angels, she graced the stages of numerous clubs, earning herself a consistent gig that lasted for months. Her DJ sets became the talk of the town.


Television Fame:

Her journey to stardom continued when she appeared on The Zeus Network’s “Bad Boys” series and eventually landed a spot on Baddies West. Beyond DJing for major artists on tour, she showcased her skills at music festivals up and down the West Coast.


Unveiling DJ Sky High Baby’s Age and Birthday:

The burning question on many fans’ minds is DJ Sky High Baby’s age. According to Gossip Next Door, she is currently 30 years old. She celebrated her 30th birthday on August 12, 2022, in style, doing what she does best – being an MC!


A Leo at Heart:

Her birthday places her under the Leo zodiac sign, known for traits such as confidence, a love for the spotlight, ambition, loyalty, and generosity. DJ Sky High Baby embodies these qualities in her career and her life.


A Lifelong Dedication to Music:

DJ Sky High Baby’s journey in music started at a young age, and it’s clear that her path was destined. As she turns 30, her dedication to the craft is unwavering. She has not only mastered the art of DJing but has also taken on responsibilities, such as looking after her fellow cast member Chrisean Rock on Baddies West.



DJ Sky High Baby’s journey from Baltimore to the West Coast at the age of 21 is a testament to her determination and talent. Her age and birthday may have been a topic of conversation, but what truly stands out is her passion for music and her bright future in the industry. As she continues to rise, fans can expect more electrifying performances and memorable moments from this young and talented artist.