Bank Robbery NZ: Fugitive Marokopa dad linked to Te Kūiti bank robbery

Bank Robbery NZ

In a recent development regarding an alleged bank robbery that occurred in Te Kūiti four months ago, police are actively searching for Tom Phillips, the father of fugitive Marokopa. Acting Detective Inspector Andrew Saunders revealed that Mr. Phillips is now facing charges of aggravated robbery, aggravated wounding, and unlawful possession of a firearm. Authorities have been on the lookout for him and his three children, Jayda, Maverick, and Ember, since their disappearance in December 2021.

Back in May, a startling incident unfolded when two individuals stormed into a bank on Rora Street in Te Kūiti, demanding cash. Both of them were armed and made a swift escape on a black motorbike with a distinctive farm-style design. The identity of the third individual involved remains unknown. Following the incident, the police, with the help of surveillance footage, identified a man and a woman as the primary suspects. An eyewitness recounted the chaotic scene, mentioning that as the suspects fled, they scattered cash. A quick-thinking lady managed to grab some of the money, and the suspects attempted to snatch it back.

The eyewitness described, “The little egg ran back and snatched it out of her hand.” Meanwhile, there have been reports suggesting that the missing father, Tom Phillips, was spotted at two hardware stores in Waikato the previous month. It is believed that he might be trying to set up a campsite. Detective Inspector Saunders stated, “We have received multiple reports of Mr. Phillips sightings over the past few months.” He urged the public to contact 111 if they come across Mr. Phillips but cautioned against taking any direct action, as he might still be in possession of firearms. Stay tuned with us for the latest updates on this ongoing investigation.

Marokopa’s Dad Wanted for Te Kūiti Bank Robbery In connection with a bank robbery in Te Kūiti four months ago, Tom Phillips, the father of fugitive Marokopa, is now facing serious charges.

The Robbery on Rora Street A detailed account of the robbery that took place on Rora Street, where two armed individuals demanded cash and fled on a distinctive motorbike.

Eyewitnesses Speak Out Eyewitnesses recount the dramatic events during the bank robbery, including the unexpected scramble for scattered cash.

Tom Phillips’ Recent Sightings Reports of Tom Phillips’ recent sightings at hardware stores in Waikato have raised questions about his whereabouts and intentions.

Police Warnings and Ongoing Investigation Police advise the public on how to respond if they encounter Tom Phillips and emphasize the importance of not taking matters into their own hands.