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In a heartbreaking turn of events, Lacitrus Asonta Dubose Gholston, also known as Asonta Gholston, who recently appeared in the popular TV show ‘Love During Lockup,’ has left us. This news has shaken the hearts of many, and we will delve into the details surrounding this tragic incident.


The Untimely Demise

On September 2, 2023, a devastating incident unfolded that took the life of Asonta Gholston. The Love During Lockup star was involved in a fatal car accident following a police chase. This shocking turn of events has left everyone searching for answers.


 The Tragic Accident

Reports suggest that Asonta was driving at a high speed and failed to maintain his lane while navigating a curve. The circumstances indicate that he may have been trying to evade the authorities. This reckless driving led to a collision with another vehicle, a Ford F250 truck driven by Brian Caleb Phillips, who is 21 years old from Toccoa.


Raneka Hayes’ Heartfelt Words

Raneka Hayes, who was romantically involved with Asonta Gholston on the show, was one of the first to share the heartbreaking news on her social media. She expressed her grief and love for Asonta in a poignant message:

“We always had our disagreements, but he knew I’d always be there for him. May your soul rest in peace, Juwhop. I will always love you more than any woman on this earth, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart. 💔 #RestInPeaceAsonta #1212 #Soul2Soul Juixe Mann 🥲”


 Obituary Details

At the time of his tragic accident, Asonta Gholston was just 33 years old. While the official cause of death is yet to be disclosed, his obituary from the funeral home reveals the deep impact he had on his family and friends.

A public viewing has been scheduled for September 9, where people can pay their respects. The viewing hours will be available for four hours in the late afternoon and early evening.

Asonta Gholston leaves behind three children, and there is news of another child on the way. Interestingly, Raneka Hayes was not mentioned in the obituary, but his “special friend” Misty Caudell was acknowledged. The funeral service for Asonta Gholston is set for September 10 at the First Baptist Church from 2:00 to 3:00 PM CST, followed by his burial at Toccoa City Cemetery.



The tragic passing of Asonta Gholston has left a void in the lives of those who knew him. His presence on ‘Love During Lockup’ touched the hearts of many, and his untimely demise has sent shockwaves through social media and beyond.