Being ‘strongest man in Korea’ puts Ha Je-Yong in good stead for Physical 100



Ha Je-Yong, popularly known as the Korean Hulk, stands tall as one of Korea’s strongest men. He’s set to showcase his might on the exciting Netflix competition series, Physical 100, joining a league of 100 contestants.


A Man of Many Places

Ha Je-Yong’s life stretches across Seoul, Moscow, and Dubai, as he engages in business endeavors in these diverse locations. For over a decade, he represented Korea in open-weight arm wrestling competitions, displaying his formidable strength.


Records and Ambitions

In addition to his arm wrestling achievements, Ha Je-Yong holds the prestigious Korean bench press record. He now stands as a dedicated powerlifter with ambitious goals. With confidence, he expresses his intent to break the world record, showcasing his unwavering determination.


The Strongest Man Makes His Mark

In a powerful entrance during the first episode of Physical 100, Ha Je-Yong boldly declared, “Hello everyone. I’m Ha Je-Yong. The strongest man in Korea.” His presence certainly turned heads, sparking reactions from fellow contestants who were a blend of admiration, amusement, and curiosity.


A Glimpse into Korean Hulk’s Lifestyle

With an Instagram following of 304k, Ha Je-Yong, or the Korean Hulk, provides a window into his extravagant lifestyle. Jet-setting across the globe and spending time with his magnificent Caucasian Ovcharka dog, his adventures are on full display. He also shares moments with notable figures like Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Rumors and Friendships

In 2017, speculations about a romantic connection between Korean Hulk and Lindsay Lohan circulated. However, it was later clarified that they share a strong friendship, emphasizing the importance of genuine connections in Ha Je-Yong’s life.

Ha Je-Yong’s journey from being Korea’s strongest man to a contender on Physical 100 is a testament to his dedication and indomitable spirit. As he steps onto the competition stage, viewers can expect nothing short of extraordinary feats of strength and determination from this formidable powerhouse.