Below Deck’s Jessica ‘wished’ Rob would stop ‘breaking hearts’



The world of reality TV often serves up unforgettable romances, and Below Deck Mediterranean’s fifth season was no exception. Deckhand Rob Westergaard fell head over heels for third stewardess Jessica More, making their boatmance one for the books. However, as fans of the show may be wondering, are Jessica and Rob still together? Let’s dive into their story.


The Recipe for Below Deck’s Success

Below Deck has become a hit reality show thanks to its winning formula: exotic locations, the glamorous yachting lifestyle, and the juicy drama that unfolds among the crew members. When you throw in the close quarters and the beautiful seas, romance becomes inevitable.

Season 5 of Below Deck Mediterranean saw sparks fly between Jessica More and Rob Westergaard. Their budding relationship took center stage as they navigated love on the high seas.


A Romance Blossoms

Rob, the deckhand, didn’t waste any time falling for Jessica, the third stewardess, early in the season aboard The Wellington. His affection for her was so strong that he even dropped the “L” word while they were in Spain. However, Jess was taken aback and didn’t immediately reciprocate those feelings. But their story didn’t end there.


The End of the Boatmance

Unfortunately, the love story between Jessica and Rob didn’t have a fairy tale ending. Six months after they returned to land, they called it quits. Despite their breakup, they embarked on a trip to Bali together, though it wasn’t without its challenges.

Reflecting on their rollercoaster romance, Jess shared on the Below Deck After Show that she had experienced both deep affection and love, as well as its polar opposite. Their breakup had left her disappointed, especially since she had genuinely cared for Rob and envisioned a future together.

Rob, too, expressed his disappointment and admitted to the pain of the heartbreak. He acknowledged that both of them had played a role in pushing each other away and causing harm to the relationship they had once cherished.


Jessica’s Hints and Rob’s Relationships

In the aftermath of their breakup, Jess hinted that Rob had a pattern of quickly jumping into new relationships, leaving a trail of broken hearts in his wake. She expressed her wish that he would take a break from this cycle.

Meanwhile, life moved forward for both Jess and Rob. Jessica welcomed her first child, a daughter named Charli Ella, in October 2022. While the identity of Charli’s father remains private, Jess assured that the newborn is loved by both her mom and dad. Whether Jess and her baby’s father are still together remains a mystery.

On the other hand, Rob found love with Dani Riopel, and they have been together since July 2021. Their love story continued to flourish as they traveled together in Jalisco, Mexico, as evident from their updates in February. Rob’s Instagram account is now filled with adorable posts celebrating their relationship.



The boatmance that captivated viewers on Below Deck Mediterranean eventually ran aground. Jessica and Rob’s relationship took a toll on both of them, leading to heartbreak and disappointment. While Jess embarked on the journey of motherhood, Rob found love in the arms of Dani. As the reality TV stars move forward in separate directions, their boatmance remains a memorable chapter in the Below Deck series.