Best Anime Pick-Up Lines



Are you a fan of anime? If so, you’re in for a treat! We’ve gathered an extensive list of the best anime pick-up lines that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your special someone. Whether you’re trying to win over your crush, make your partner smile, or simply connect with fellow otaku enthusiasts, these lines have got you covered. So, let’s dive into the world of anime-inspired romance!


The Anime Pick-Up Lines Instagram Contest: Source: @averagebeing_com

Anime fans are a delight to converse with, and we recently reached out to our Instagram followers to share some of their most thoughtful anime pick-up lines. The response was overwhelming, and we’ve compiled the best ones for you to try out.


Random Anime Pick-Up Lines:

  1. “Do you have a pen? So I can write your virginity in my death note.”
  2. “Roses are red, Light is dead, will you be the butter to my bread?”
  3. “Are you from Dragon Ball, because I wanna blow my Piccolo-load in you?”
  4. “Hey girl, you Bulma mind.”
  5. “Are you Koro-sensei? Because I’m gonna penetrate you with my knife.”
  6. “Are you Emilia? Because I love you.”
  7. “Are you Nezuko? Because I want to be in your box.”
  8. “I wish I was a demon because I really want you to slay me tonight.”
  9. “Something is rising, and it isn’t the shield hero.”
  10. “Can you be my lover? I’ll give you a cola.”

These witty lines are sure to bring a smile to any anime enthusiast’s face. Use them on your weeb friend and watch their reaction – they’ll likely be thrilled to hear them.


Anime Pick-Up Lines For Guys:

  1. “Can you take me to the bakery, ’cause I want a cutie-pie like you.”
  2. “I think you’re a perfect valentine.”
  3. “I want to punch you in the mouth with my own mouth.”
  4. “Stop undressing me with your eyes.”
  5. “I have skittles in my mouth. Do you wanna taste the rainbow?”
  6. “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?”
  7. “If you were ice cream, and I were chocolate sauce, I’d pour my love all over you!”
  8. “Help me, something’s wrong with my eyes. I just can’t take them off you!”
  9. “I would like to say God bless you, but it looks like he already did!”
  10. “Damn! If being sexy is a crime, you’d be guilty as charged!”

These charming lines are perfect for guys looking to sweep someone off their feet with a touch of humor and sweetness.


AOT Anime Pick-Up Lines:

  1. “Did you just clean your pants? ‘Cause I can see myself in them.”
  2. “Jaeger on the streets, Titan in the sheets.”
  3. “I’m like a potato; you can do me any way you’d like.”
  4. “I’m not at the top of the class, but I can be on top of you.”
  5. “Your clothes are dirty; take them off.”
  6. “That wall’s not the only thing I’m gonna wreck tonight.”
  7. “Save the cowboy; ride the horse instead.”
  8. “I wanna Jaeger my titan into your Wall Maria.”
  9. “You’re giving your all, and that’s what matters to me!”
  10. “I know you’re not the Jaw Titan, but I’d like to find out what that mouth does.”

These Attack on Titan-themed pick-up lines are perfect for fans of the show who want to inject a bit of Titan-sized romance into their conversations.


Haikyuu Pick-Up Lines:

  1. “I think you’re a real hoot.”
  2. “I’m good at receiving, if you know what I mean.”
  3. “Wanna know what’s refreshing? Waking up beside me.”
  4. “I’m no photographer, but I can see myself inside of you.”
  5. “You’re not hotter than me, but you’re the second best.”
  6. “Why not toss me to your bed?”
  7. “I can be your sugar daddy.”
  8. “Excuse me, I seem to have lost my phone number; can I please borrow yours?”
  9. “I lev you, girl.”
  10. “I’ll hit you again and again until we break the bed.”

If you’re a fan of Haikyuu, these sporty and playful pick-up lines will serve as the perfect icebreakers for your next volleyball match – or romantic encounter!



There you have it – a plethora of anime-inspired pick-up lines to charm your way into someone’s heart or simply share a laugh with fellow anime enthusiasts. Remember, it’s all in good fun, so go ahead and unleash your inner otaku charm. Who knows, you might just find your own anime-inspired love story!