Best Cringe Anime That’ll Make Your Eyes Bleed


Anime has captured the hearts of millions with its captivating stories, stunning animation, and memorable characters. However, not every anime series is a gem; some can leave you cringing in disbelief. In this article, we’ll explore ten anime shows that are so cringe-worthy, they’ll make your eyes bleed. Let’s dive in!

“Watamote – No Matter How I Look At It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular”

“Why Is Watamote Cringe?”

This anime follows Tomoko Kuroki, who suffers from Social Anxiety Disorder. While it aims to shed light on social awkwardness and mental disorders, it often doubles down on Tomoko’s suffering. The teachers are terrible, and the students mistreat her, making it a painful watch.

“Tokyo Ghoul” (2nd and 3rd seasons)

“Why Is Tokyo Ghoul Cringe?”

While the first season of “Tokyo Ghoul” was gripping, the subsequent seasons left fans disappointed. Season 2 omitted crucial details, and the animation quality declined. The rush in storytelling and unexplained character choices made it hard to enjoy for manga readers and anime fans alike.


“Why Is Gibiate Cringe?”

This series, reminiscent of “Guilty Crown,” has a deeply flawed concept where a virus turns humans into monsters based on their race, sex, and age. The CGI is subpar, and the characters are one-dimensional. The relationship between the monk Yukinojyo Onikura and Yurika Funada adds an uncomfortable layer to the show.


“Why Is Skelter+Heaven Cringe?”

This anime, from the creators of “Mars of Destruction,” disappoints with its unbearable CGI and animation. The characters are dull, and the voice acting is painful to listen to. While it attempts fanservice, it falls flat, leaving viewers with a hollow experience.


“Taboo Tattoo”

“Why Is Taboo Tattoo Cringe?”

“Taboo Tattoo” starts decently but quickly goes downhill. Fast-paced episodes miss essential information, and the show relies on tedious comedy and fanservice. The lewd tentacle scenes are cringe-worthy, and character growth is limited, leaving viewers unsatisfied.


 “Shimoneta: A Boring World Where The Concept Of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist”

“Why Is Shimoneta Cringe?”

In a world where the government targets sexually liberated people, “Shimoneta” explores interesting concepts but often executes them poorly. The show’s eccentric characters make it a guilty pleasure for some but a cringe-fest for others.

“Berserk” (2016)

“Why Is Berserk Cringe?”

Despite the promising source material, the 2016 adaptation of “Berserk” fell short. The character designs and 3D animation horrified fans, and the CGI was often nausea-inducing. Even the beloved character Guts looked terrible in many frames.

 “Karen Senki”

“Why Is Karen Senki Cringe?”

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, “Karen Senki” raises interesting questions but falters in execution. The 3D animation and CGI are poorly done, resembling low-quality android games. While some fight scenes intrigue viewers, the overall presentation falls short.


“Why Is Ladyspo Cringe?”

“Ladyspo” comes across as a lackluster attempt to showcase girls’ sporting events. The animation quality is subpar, and the series fails to engage viewers with its plot or music. It starts with an off-putting sequence that sets the tone for a cringe-worthy experience.

“Honorable Mention: Mars of Destruction”

“Why Is Mars of Destruction Cringe?”

Before we conclude, we must mention “Mars of Destruction,” the precursor to “Skelter+Heaven.” It serves as a cautionary tale of poor animation, storytelling, and character development. This cringe-worthy anime deserves a special place on our list.



While the world of anime offers a vast array of incredible shows, there are a few that make us cringe in disbelief. These ten anime series, from “Watamote” to “Gibiate,” leave us shaking our heads at their shortcomings. As anime enthusiasts, we hope for more quality and less cringe in the future.