Best Encanto Characters With Age, Height, Weight Powers

Best Encanto Characters With Age, Height, Weight Powers


Encanto, the beloved Disney animated musical, has captured hearts worldwide with its enchanting storytelling and stunning animation. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best characters in Encanto, along with their ages, heights, weights, and powers.


Mariano Guzman Personality:

Mariano is a kind-hearted young man who loves deeply.

Our list begins with Mariano Guzman, a character who may not be in the spotlight but leaves a lasting impression. Mariano is Isabela Madrigal’s prospective husband and is known for his strong bond with his mother, Señora Guzman. Despite his close relationship with his mother, Mariano’s respect for Isabela and her family shines through.

Even when Isabela admits that she doesn’t love him, Mariano handles the rejection gracefully. His character shows that being a mama’s boy isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially when it comes with genuine kindness. We were all delighted when Mariano found a better match with Dolores.


What Power Does Mariano Have:

Mariano doesn’t possess any magical powers, but he’s an exceptionally respectful and gentlemanly young man.

 Casa Madrigal Personality:

Casa Madrigal is a caring and protective entity.

Casa Madrigal may not be a person, but it’s a character with a personality as vibrant as any other in Encanto. Casa is the embodiment of the Miracle, and its primary role is to protect the Madrigal family. From reminding them to be on time to catching falling children, Casa is always looking out for its family members.

The bond between Casa and Mirabel, who lacks magical powers, is particularly touching. Casa goes above and beyond to ensure Mirabel’s safety, showcasing a deep connection between them.

What Power Does Casa Madrigal Have:

Casa Madrigal can rearrange itself, create protective barriers, and communicate as a conscious entity.


Félix Madrigal Personality:

Félix is a fun-loving uncle with a laid-back attitude.

Meet Félix, Mirabel’s uncle and Pepa’s husband. Pepa controls the weather, and her emotional storms make her yearn for perfection. Félix’s character is a wonderful balance to her intensity. He’s fun-loving and easygoing, providing a soothing presence in the family.

Throughout the movie, Félix rushes to comfort his wife during her moments of panic, demonstrating his unwavering support. His love for Pepa is evident, and he proves that he’ll weather any storm for her, both figuratively and literally.

What Power Does Félix Have:

Félix doesn’t possess magical powers, but he has the unique ability to calm his wife down, making him the perfect match for Pepa’s constant worries.


Pedro Madrigal Personality:

Pedro was a selfless and caring individual devoted to his family.

While there isn’t much information about Pedro’s character, his actions speak volumes. Pedro sacrificed himself to ensure his family and their community could safely cross a river. This act of selflessness, in the face of violence from conquerors, left a lasting impact.

Pedro’s love for his wife and family is evident, and he led them on a journey to find a peaceful home. Some theories even suggest that the Miracle candle represents Pedro’s soul, watching over his family from beyond.


What Powers Does Pedro Have:

Pedro’s power lies in his courage and selflessness as he sacrificed himself for his family and community.


Camilo Madrigal Personality:

Camilo is a mischievous teenager with boundless energy.

Camilo, the son of Pepa and Félix, is a vibrant and energetic teenager. His powers allow him to shape-shift, transforming into anyone he chooses within seconds. Additionally, he takes on the attributes of those he transforms into, making him a versatile member of the family.

Camilo’s mischievous side shines when he plays pranks on others, like describing Bruno to Mirabel or trying to scare her. However, beneath his mischief, Camilo is a kind-hearted family member who adapts to meet the family’s needs.

What Powers Does Camilo Have:

Camilo possesses the ability to shape-shift, mimic voices, and take on the physical attributes of others.

In Encanto, each character brings something unique to the Madrigal family, making it a heartwarming and magical journey for viewers. The film’s charm lies not only in its animation but also in its rich character development. As you watch or rewatch this enchanting movie, take a moment to appreciate the depth and diversity of these wonderful characters.