Best ENTP Anime Characters You Need To Know About


If you’re a fan of anime and enjoy characters who are spontaneous thinkers and love intellectual challenges, you’re in for a treat. Meet the ENTP anime characters – those with Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Perceiving personality traits. These individuals bring a unique flavor to the world of anime, and here are some of the best ENTP anime characters you need to know about.

1. Dororo – The Cheerful Explorer Dororo

Dororo is the star of the hit anime series “Dororo.” She joins Hyakkimaru on a quest to recover his lost body parts and organs due to a curse. Dororo may seem cheerful and outgoing, but she’s no pushover. Before meeting Hyakkimaru, she was an expert thief known for her methodical nature and wariness of monsters. When Hyakkimaru saved her life, a unique bond formed, and Dororo’s compassionate side emerged. In the 2019 version of the anime, Dororo’s character is more relaxed, but her unmistakable ENTP traits shine through.

2. Kamishiro Rize – The Seductive Ghoul

Kamishiro Rize hails from “Tokyo Ghoul” and is the first ghoul that Kaneki Ken encounters. She’s seductive, charismatic, and has a craving for human flesh. Rize cleverly manipulates Kaneki until a fateful encounter leaves her gravely injured. Her spontaneous and uncontrollable urges reflect her ENTP traits, making her a fascinating character in the world of ghouls and humans.

3. Hisoka Morow – The Unpredictable Trickster

In “Hunter X Hunter,” Hisoka is a sexually motivated character who enjoys challenging powerful opponents. He’s keenly observant and is always on the lookout for worthy adversaries. Unlike other fighters who thrive in the heat of battle, Hisoka prefers psychological warfare and using his wit to conquer opponents. His love for a good challenge makes him a quintessential ENTP.

4. Jae-Ha – The Green Dragon Warrior

Jae-Ha, from “Yona of the Dawn,” is a Dragon Warrior with a unique ability to jump great distances. He’s a skilled playboy with an independent spirit, hoping to avoid his fate of serving Yona. Despite his playful nature, Jae-Ha has a strong sense of justice and refuses to tolerate the mistreatment of women. His insights and effective planning make him a valuable addition to our list of ENTP characters.

5. Koro-Sensei – The Joyous Octopus Teacher

“Assassination Classroom” introduces us to Koro-Sensei, an assassin known as “The Reaper” who later becomes a beloved teacher. He’s methodical, adaptable, and imparts valuable life lessons to his students. Despite his dark past, Koro-Sensei’s kindness and love for his students shine through, making him an unquestionable ENTP teacher.

6. Orochimaru – The Meticulous Researcher

Orochimaru, initially introduced as an antagonist in “Naruto,” is a dedicated researcher with sharp logic and intuition. He’s future-oriented and constantly seeks knowledge. Orochimaru’s fascination with powerful abilities and experiments reflects his ENTP traits, making him a complex character in the series.

7. Askeladd – The Scheming Leader

Askeladd, from “Vinland Saga,” is a cunning leader of mercenaries. He’s a strategist who adapts to challenges and uses logic to defeat his opponents. Askeladd’s character development, from a ruthless leader to a more compassionate figure, showcases his ENTP personality.

8. Arataka Reigen – The Shrewd Mentor

In “Mob Psycho 100,” Arataka Reigen plays the role of Mob’s mentor. He’s a smooth talker, a shrewd businessman, and a logical thinker. Despite his flaws, Reigen genuinely cares for Mob’s well-being, embodying ENTP traits.

9. Radical Edward – The Eccentric Genius

Radical Edward, from “Cowboy Bebop,” is an eccentric genius known for exceptional hacking skills. Their absent-mindedness and uninhibited actions make them a classic ENTP character. Edward’s efficiency and love for friends and family further highlight their ENTP traits.

10. Panda – The Boisterous Sorcerer

In “Jujutsu Kaisen,” Panda is a cursed corpse with a friendly demeanor. His analytical skills and adaptability in combat showcase his ENTP traits. With a mischievous side and a knack for motivating others, Panda is a dynamic character in the world of jujutsu sorcerers.

These ENTP anime characters bring a unique blend of spontaneity, intellect, and adaptability to the anime world. Whether they’re fighting powerful foes, mentoring others, or hacking their way to success, their personalities make them unforgettable in the world of anime.