Best ESTP Anime Characters You Need To Know About


In the world of anime, there are characters of all kinds, and today we’re diving into the world of ESTP personalities. What does ESTP mean, you ask? Well, it stands for Extraverted, Observant, Thinking, and Prospective. These characters are known for their adventurous spirits, love for tackling complex problems, and a keen focus on the present. Let’s take a look at some of the best ESTP anime characters that you need to know about.


#7 Yujiro Hanma – Grappler Baki Anime: Grappler Baki

Starting off our list is Yujiro Hanma, also known as “the Ogre.” Yujiro is not your typical protagonist; in fact, he’s the primary antagonist in the series. He’s known for being the strongest warrior on Earth and has defeated all sorts of formidable opponents, including the entire US Armed Forces when he was just 16!

Yujiro craves absolute power and is quite a complex character. While he rarely shows his softer side, he does have moments of regret for his actions, like the death of Emi Akezawa. But make no mistake; Yujiro lives for the thrill of fighting powerful foes. He embodies the ESTP traits of Extroverted Sensing (Se-Dom), always seeking out stronger opponents for a good fight, and Introverted Thinking (Ti-Aux), preferring confrontations with minimal planning. His Extroverted Feeling (Fe-Tert) traits also come into play in various situations.


#8 Taiga Kagami – Kuroko no Basket Anime: Kuroko no Basket

Next up is Taiga Kagami from Kuroko no Basket, a series that revolves around the sport of basketball. Taiga plays as the power forward and aims to defeat the “Generation of Miracles” with the help of his teammate Kuroko, aspiring to become the best player in Japan.

Taiga initially comes across as arrogant and dismissive of his teammates, but he’s someone who thrives on tough challenges. His Extroverted Sensing (Se-dom) comes into play on the basketball court as he uses it to unleash his skills against the opposing team. Over time, he grows into a more mature player, thanks to his Introverted Thinking (Ti-Aux) and Introverted Intuition (Ni-Inf). Taiga’s strong aversion to losing and his behavior around people in general can be attributed to his Extroverted Feeling (Fe-Tert) traits.


#9 Inosuke Hashibira – Kimetsu no Yaiba Anime: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Moving on, we have Inosuke Hashibira, a demon slayer from the beloved anime series Kimetsu no Yaiba. Inosuke joins Tanjiro Kamada, Nezuko Kamado, and Zenitsu Agatsuma in their mission to vanquish demons. What sets Inosuke apart is his love for challenges and his tendency to provoke Tanjiro, especially after a defeat.

Inosuke possesses a unique breathing technique called “spatial awareness,” allowing him to sense the presence of enemies all around him. This skill showcases his Extroverted Sensing (Se-Dom) as he’s always hyper-aware of his surroundings. Raised by boars after his mother’s death, Inosuke exhibits Introverted Thinking (Ti-Aux) and Extraverted Feeling (Fe-Tert) traits. He may clash with his comrades, but he’s unwaveringly loyal to them, making him a true ESTP.


#10 Jabami Yumeko – Kakegurui Anime: Kakegurui

Now, let’s talk about Yumeko Jabami, a student at the prestigious Hyakkaou Private Academy and the compulsive gambler from Kakegurui. Yumeko fits right into the academy, where only the strongest survive, thanks to her penchant for high-stakes gambling.

Yumeko’s greatest attribute is her Extraverted Sensing (Se-dom). She willingly puts herself in precarious situations by gambling heavily, always seeking the thrill of high-risk games. With her perceptive nature, she can easily catch cheaters in the act. Even in the face of a loss, Yumeko remains undeterred, always excited for new adventures. Her Introverted Thinking (Ti-Aux), Introverted Intuition (Ni-inf), and Extraverted Feeling (Fe-Tert) combine to make her a formidable and unpredictable ESTP.


#11 Joseph Joestar – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures Anime: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures

Joseph Joestar, the charismatic protagonist of Battle Tendency and a supporting character in Stardust Crusaders, joins our list. Joseph is known for his outgoing personality and love for taunting his enemies just before their defeat.

Joseph has no tolerance for authority and often finds himself in trouble due to his playful and trolling nature. He revels in living in the present, savoring how his opponents lose their cool because of his taunts. This showcases his Extroverted Sensing (Se-Dom) and Introverted Intuition (Ni-Inf). He’s also an Introverted Thinker (Ti-Aux) and has an Extroverted Feeling (Fe-Tert). Joseph is a true ESTP who can even defeat immortal gods!

These are just a few of the ESTP anime characters that bring excitement and unpredictability to their respective series. Whether they’re seeking thrilling battles or high-stakes gambles, these characters embody the ESTP traits of adventure and living in the moment. So, if you’re a fan of action, drama, and a touch of unpredictability, these characters are a must-watch in the world of anime. Stay tuned for more exciting anime personalities!