Best Rabbit Pokemon All 8 Types Of Bunny Pokemon


Have you ever wondered how many Pokémon exist in all the different generations? Remembering them all can be quite a task. But what if we narrow it down to a specific type, like bunny or rabbit Pokémon? In this article, we’ll introduce you to the world of Bunny Pokémon, the adorable creatures that hop their way into our hearts. While some might not be officially labeled as bunnies, their resemblance is undeniable.


Understanding Pokémon Types:

Before we jump into the list of Bunny Pokémon, it’s important to know that a Pokémon’s type isn’t always what it seems. Take Dragonite, for example. Its name and appearance scream “dragon,” but it’s not the only dragon out there. Similarly, Charizard might look like a dragon, but its Japanese name, Lizardon, tells a different story. With that in mind, let’s explore some of these charming Bunny Pokémon.

What Makes a Pokémon a Bunny? There are eight Bunny Pokémon in total, and each has its unique characteristics. Let’s take a closer look at them:



  • Pokédex Rank: #184
  • Evolution Stages: Azurill (#298) → Marill (#183) → Azumarill (#184)
  • Type: Water/Fairy

Azumarill, a Generation 2 Pokémon, may not seem like a bunny at first, but its long, rabbit-like ears give it away. This Water/Fairy-type Pokémon has an egg-shaped body that’s mostly blue, with a white lower half and a zigzag-shaped tail. Azumarill is known for its exceptional hearing abilities and impressive defensive skills. It feels right at home in the water and can stay submerged for long periods.



  • Pokédex Rank: #427
  • Evolution Stages: Buneary (#427) → Lopunny (#428)
  • Type: Normal

Buneary, a Generation 4 Pokémon, is a classic rabbit lookalike. When its ears are perked up, it’s either a sign of danger or a signal that it needs help. Buneary can use those ears for incredible jumps and powerful punches. With its yellow fluffy belly and ear tips, Buneary is a speedy little bunny that can be found in forests and snowy mountains.



  • Pokédex Rank: #428
  • Evolution Stages: Buneary (#427) → Lopunny (#428)
  • Type: Normal

Lopunny is the evolved form of Buneary, also a Generation 4 Pokémon. Unlike its pre-evolution, Lopunny has yellow fluff covering its wrists and eyebrows. This bunny Pokémon can deliver fierce kicks and has a keen sense of danger, just like a rabbit that hops away from threats. Lopunny can even mega evolve into Mega Lopunny using Lopunnite, becoming a Normal/Fighting-Type Pokémon with heightened instincts.



  • Pokédex Rank: #659
  • Evolution Stages: Bunnelby (#659) → Diggersby (#660)
  • Type: Normal

Generation 6 brings us Bunnelby, known for its prominent bunny teeth and three-fingered ears. It’s an expert digger, capable of creating a 33-meter-deep shelter in a single night. However, it’s also sensitive to danger, particularly to its natural predator, Corviknight. When Bunnelby spots danger, it quickly burrows into a tunnel to safety.



  • Pokédex Rank: #660
  • Evolution Stages: Bunnelby (#659) → Diggersby (#660)
  • Type: Normal/Ground

Diggersby, the final evolved form of Bunnelby, retains those iconic bunny teeth. This Pokémon has a massive build, especially in comparison to Bunnelby, and strong limbs. Diggersby can lift weights over a ton, making tunnel construction and digging through bedrock a breeze. Its appearance is reminiscent of a stereotypical construction worker.



  • Pokédex Rank: #813
  • Evolution Stages: Scorbunny (#813) → Raboot (#814) → Cinderace (#815)
  • Type: Fire

Scorbunny, a Generation 8 Pokémon, boasts long legs and feet along with adorable bunny ears. It’s a Fire-Type Pokémon with a bandage-like feature on its nose and feet soles. Scorbunny’s energetic personality is fueled by its ability to generate fire within its body through running. Its fiery kicks can burn opponents and melt ice, and it possesses impressive jumping skills.



While there might be countless Pokémon to remember, these eight Bunny Pokémon stand out for their charm and unique traits. Whether it’s Azumarill’s watery adventures, Buneary’s acrobatics, or Scorbunny’s fiery spirit, each of these Pokémon brings its own brand of cuteness to the Pokémon world. So, the next time you encounter one of these adorable creatures in your Pokémon journey, you’ll know just what to expect from these lovable bunnies!