“Big Brother BBTitans 2023 Week 7 Nomination Results And Eviction



BBTitans 2023 has captured the hearts of its audience with its captivating format. Over the past two months, the show has kept viewers glued to their screens. This week, the tension escalates as the Week 7 nominations are announced. The fate of the contestants hangs in the balance, and the audience eagerly awaits the eviction results.


The Nomination Process: Tension Rises

In a pivotal turn of events, the Royals, comprising Tsatsii and Ebubu, emerged victorious in the Week 7 Head of House games. Subsequently, all 16 remaining housemates entered the diary room individually to make their nominations. Each housemate nominated two pairs they believed should be eliminated from the BB Titans house. The nominated contestants will face eviction on Sunday, 5th March 2023.


Nomination Results: Who’s in the Hot Seat

Let’s delve into the nominees for eviction this week:

  1. Pair: Nelisa & Yemi Cregx (Yelisa)
    • Nominated: Juiovla & Juvone
  2. Pair: Tsatsii & Ebubu (Royals)
    • Nominated: Juvone & Khosicle
  3. Pair: Khosi & Miracle (Khosicle)
    • Nominated: Juiovla & Kaniva
  4. Pair: Olivia & Juicy Jay (Juiovla)
    • Nominated: Blaqleng & Yelisa
  5. Pair: Ipeleng & Blaqboi (Blaqleng)
    • Nominated: Juiovla & Yelisa
  6. Pair: Blue Avia & Kanaga Jnr (Kaniva)
    • Nominated: Juiovla & Khosicle
  7. Pair: Yvonne & Justin (Juvone)
    • Nominated: Khosicle & Yelisa
  8. Pair: Nana & Thabang (Thabana)
    • Nominated: Kaniva & Yelisa


Power Play: Royals Hold the Cards

This week, the Royals, Tsatsii and Ebubu, secured the coveted Head of House position, granting them immunity from nominations. Additionally, they gained the power of veto, enabling them to save a nominated contestant and replace them with another. This pivotal decision places the Royals in a position of significant influence.


Twists and Turns: Royals Face Consequences

In an unexpected turn of events, Tsatsii inadvertently broke the rules of nomination, leading to a stripping of the Royals’ power. Their actions influenced the choice of nomination among other housemates, resulting in a breach of rules deemed indictable. As a consequence, the Royals lost their Veto Power and found themselves nominated for eviction.

As the tension reaches its peak, the housemates brace themselves for the impending eviction. The unfolding events promise an electrifying episode in the BBTitans 2023 saga. Stay tuned for the riveting results that will shape the course of this enthralling reality show.