Bigg Boss 16 Written Update 7th February 2023: Top 5 Fun Task with Krishna



As the final days of Bigg Boss 16 approach, emotions run high for both contestants and fans alike. The unexpected eviction of Nimirt Kaur Ahluwalia has left her supporters in disbelief. Leaving the show just moments away from the grand finale is undoubtedly a bittersweet moment. The excitement and anticipation for the ultimate winner continue to build. The most talked-about and controversial show, “Bigg Boss 16,” is nearing its conclusion. While fans are sad to bid it farewell, the thrill of seeing who will clinch the coveted trophy keeps them on the edge of their seats.


Top Contenders and Fan Favorites

Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Shiv Thakare emerge as frontrunners for the title, yet MC Stan boasts a passionate fan base rooting for his victory. With only five days remaining, the stakes couldn’t be higher for the top 5 contestants. Rumors swirl about the fate of Shalin Bhanot and Archana Gautam, speculating whether one will seize the cash prize and exit the competition. The conclusive answer to this question will have to wait. For now, viewers can relish today’s episode, featuring a special guest set to bring laughter and light-hearted moments to the stage.


A Surprise Guest Unveiled

Promos for today’s episode have already provided a sneak peek into the special guest. The day kicks off with the top 5 contestants going about their morning routines, a mix of excitement and nostalgia in the air. They gather in the garden area, sharing reflections on their incredible journey towards the finale. Shalin, in disbelief at his top 5 standing, engages in a light-hearted exchange with Priyanka, while Archana playfully teases him, infusing the moment with laughter.


Krushna Abhishek: The Comedy Maestro Arrives

A delightful surprise awaits the BBmates, as Bigg Boss summons them to the activity room. Their entrance is met with the infectious energy of comedian Krushna Abhishek. Donning the persona of “Gossip Aunty,” Krushna playfully informs them of her keen observations of their antics from day one. Laughter fills the room as the BBmates join him on the sofa, sharing their unique experiences from their time on the show. It’s a segment not to be missed, promising a blend of humor and camaraderie.



As “Bigg Boss 16” hurtles towards its climax, each moment becomes more poignant. The unexpected twists and heartfelt interactions with Krushna Abhishek promise an episode brimming with entertainment and emotion. With the finale within reach, the top 5 contestants are poised on the precipice of victory. For fans and participants alike, this episode will surely be etched in their memories. Tune in to witness the laughter, surprises, and camaraderie, and stay tuned for further updates on this website. The journey to the “Bigg Boss 16” finale continues, and the excitement is palpable!