Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 Voting Poll Online Results 2nd Week – 8th April 2023



The ever-popular show, Bigg Boss Malayalam, continues to captivate audiences with its exciting content and high TRP ratings. The show, now in its fifth season, has a dedicated fan following eagerly awaiting each episode. Known for its mix of entertainment, love, conflicts, debates, challenges, and tasks, it keeps viewers thoroughly engaged. In this article, we’ll provide you with all the details you need about this season, including the most recent voting results.


Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 Contestants

Before we dive into the voting results, let’s take a look at the contestants who are making this season of Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 so entertaining:

  1. Aiswarya
  2. Akhil
  3. Angeline
  4. Anjuz
  5. Aniyan
  6. Cerena
  7. Gopika
  8. Maneesha
  9. Nadira
  10. Reneesha
  11. Sagar
  12. Shiju
  13. Sobha
  14. Sreedevi
  15. Junaiz
  16. Rinosh
  17. Sruthi
  18. Vishnu


Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 Voting

For those eagerly following the show, voting is a crucial aspect. Here are the contestants nominated for eviction in the second week:

  1. Aiswarya
  2. Angeline
  3. Aniyan
  4. Anjuz
  5. Gopika
  6. Reneesha
  7. Rinosh
  8. Vishnu


Voting Results for April 8, 2023

The votes have been counted, and here are the results for April 8, 2023:

  • Rinosh: 33.58% (2,168 votes)
  • Reneesha: 16.37% (1,057 votes)
  • Gopika: 14.71% (950 votes)
  • Aniyan: 10.53% (680 votes)
  • Vishnu: 8.72% (563 votes)
  • Aiswarya: 7.39% (477 votes)
  • Anjuz: 4.91% (317 votes)
  • Angeline: 4.88% (315 votes)


The Contestants and the Challenges

Each contestant on Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 brings their unique talents and charm to the show, winning over more fans with every passing episode. The host, Mohanlal, is doing an outstanding job, consistently challenging the participants with new tasks and hurdles. It’s important to note that the show is conducted entirely in Malayalam, with contestants strictly adhering to this rule.

One of the defining aspects of the show is that contestants are under constant surveillance, with cameras capturing their every move. They are isolated from their families and friends for the duration of their stay in the Bigg Boss house, making it a challenging and emotional experience. Despite these difficulties, contestants enthusiastically participate in various challenges and activities, giving their all to win the coveted trophy.


The Prize and Where to Watch

The winner of Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 stands to receive a prize of ₹50,00,000, making the competition even more intense. If you’re eager to catch all the drama, laughter, and excitement, you can watch every episode on Asianet Disney Hotstar.

As the season unfolds, we’ll continue to bring you the latest updates and developments. Stay tuned for more intriguing stories from the world of Bigg Boss Malayalam



Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 is keeping audiences hooked with its entertaining mix of challenges, conflicts, and camaraderie. The voting results are a reflection of the audience’s engagement with the show. With the drama continuing to unfold, fans can look forward to more twists and turns in the coming weeks.