Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Elimination Today 9 September, Is No Elimination In Bigg Boss Telugu 7 This Week?



Bigg Boss Telugu 7 is buzzing with excitement as 14 contestants create drama and form alliances inside the house. The show has been on air for a week now, and it’s gaining respectable TRP numbers. But the real anticipation lies in the weekend eliminations.

Before we dive into the elimination details, let’s get to know the show a bit better. Bigg Boss 7, also known as Bigg Boss 7: Ulta Pulta, is the seventh season of the Telugu version of the Indian reality show Bigg Boss. This season premiered on September 3, 2023, on Star Maa and Disney+ Hotstar, with Nagarjuna reprising his role as the host. The unique twist in the logo, featuring the number seven within “Bigg Boss” in English and the iconic eye symbol, sets the tone for this exciting season.

The neon logo of Bigg Boss 7 shines brightly on your screens, combining blue and red to capture the energy and passion of the show. Its modern design promises an international entertainment experience. The season’s tagline, “Ulta-Pulta,” suggests that this season will break away from expectations and bring a fresh twist to the game.

Now, let’s talk about the Week 1 nominated contestants

  1. Gautham Krishan
  2. Dhamini Bhat
  3. Pallavi Prasanth
  4. Shobitha Shetty
  5. Shakila
  6. Prince Yawar
  7. Rathika Rose

In this unique season, everything seems to be turned upside down. The show airs daily on Star Maa and is available for streaming 24/7 on Disney+ Hotstar. Unlike previous seasons where viewers could cast 10 votes per Disney+Hotstar account and phone number, this time, only one vote per account using the Disney+Hotstar app or through missed calls is allowed.

The contestant lineup includes familiar faces like actress Priyanka Jain, known for her work in Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada cinema. Sivaji, a dubbing artist, actor, and politician, adds diversity to the mix. Playback vocalist Damini Bhatla, model and actor Prince Yawar, and lawyer, actor, and influencer Subhashree Rayaguru are also part of the show.

Shakeela, a politician and former adult film actress famous for her work in Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam movies, brings her unique charm to the house. Sandeep, a dance choreographer, and Shobha Shetty, a television actress, add their own flair to the mix.

The contestant list continues with comedian, actor, and food YouTuber Teja, actor and social media influencer Rathika Rose, and Dr. Goutham Krishna, a doctor and actor known for his role in “Aakasa Veedhullo.” Actress Kiran Rathod, primarily seen in Tamil films, also joins the house, along with farmer and YouTuber Pallavi Prashanth and actor Amardeep Chowdary, known for his role in “Rakshagan.”

Initially, the host announced that only those contestants who succeeded in the Power Astra task would secure their place as housemates. However, things took an unexpected turn when a suitcase entered the picture. Priyanka Jain was instructed to hide it, and whoever held the suitcase had complete control. Priyanka hid it in the toilet of the jail.

When contestants 2, 3, 4, and 5 couldn’t find the suitcase, the host revealed it contained money and asked Priyanka to retrieve it. Contestants were given the choice to leave the house with the money, but the first five contestants chose to stay. Later, a challenge was introduced: the contestant who could place the suitcase in the storage area in under 10 seconds would receive a prize, but no one succeeded.

As the buzz continues around the first-week nominations and the unexpected twists, rumors are spreading about a surprising elimination. Among the nominated contestants in the first week are Gautham Krishan, Dhamini Bhat, Pallavi Prasanth, Shobitha Shetty, Shakila, Prince Yawar, and Rathika Rose.