Bijou Phillips Blood Infection Linked To Weight Loss: Before And After Photos



Bijou Phillips, a well-known actress and model, quietly battled kidney disease for years before the public learned of her health struggles in 2017. This revelation surprised many of her fans, shedding light on her enduring medical condition. This article will take you through Bijou’s journey, from her fight against kidney disease to the life-altering kidney transplant she underwent, and the impact it had on her life, including significant weight loss.


The Silent Battle

Bijou Phillips faced a tough fight against kidney disease, which she kept private for a long time. In February 2017, she was rushed to a Santa Barbara hospital with a severe blood infection and high fever, unveiling her silent struggle. Her commitment to a vegan diet and dialysis was admirable but, unfortunately, not enough to sustain her health. This led to the critical blood infection that required hospitalization.


A Glimmer of Hope

The news of Bijou’s hospitalization shook her social circle and the media, emphasizing the urgent need for a kidney transplant. Thankfully, a friend turned out to be a suitable match, bringing a ray of hope to Bijou’s challenging journey. This highlighted the importance of a strong support system during tough times.


The Brave Step

Before the surgery, Bijou Phillips took to Instagram, expressing both gratitude and apprehension about the upcoming transplant. Following the successful kidney transplant, her before-and-after photos revealed an incredible transformation. The toll of kidney disease and treatment was visible in her appearance, showing a significant weight loss. This transformation stands as a testament to her strength in the face of adversity.


Reclaiming Health and Vitality

Bijou’s focus post-transplant was on regaining her health and vitality. Her remarkable journey showcased her resilience. The weight loss was a consequence of her medical condition and the treatment process. Prior to the transplant, her appearance reflected the struggle she endured. The contrast to her previous vibrant self was stark, but it also highlighted the remarkable progress she made in her battle against kidney disease.



Bijou Phillips’ journey through kidney disease and the subsequent transplant is a tale of strength and resilience. Her transformation, both physically and emotionally, is a testament to the human spirit’s capacity to overcome adversity. With a strong support system and a determined spirit, she navigated through the challenges, emerging on the other side with renewed health and vitality.