Bling Empire New York cast’s net worths outdo Kane Lim and Anna Shay’s



The glittering saga of Bling Empire continues in the bustling streets of New York, introducing a brand new ensemble of affluent personalities. Let’s take a closer look at the jaw-dropping net worths of the cast members.


Stephen and Deborah Hung – The Pinnacle of Wealth

Claiming the throne of opulence within the Bling Empire: New York cast are Stephen and Deborah Hung. Their combined net worth is an astounding $2 billion, a testament to their remarkable success in the world of business.

Stephen has steered the ship as the founder and chairman of SH Capital Group for over thirty years, showcasing his exceptional prowess in the realm of entrepreneurship.


Dorothy Wang – A Star with a $10 Million Glow

Dorothy Wang, the luminous centerpiece of Bling Empire: New York, graces the screen with an estimated net worth of $10 million. Hailing from California, Dorothy emerged as a prominent socialite and influencer, captivating audiences with her magnetic presence.

Her journey into the spotlight began on the reality series Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, and she proudly carries the legacy of her billionaire father, Roger Wang.


Kim Lee, Kane Lim, and Kevin Kreider – Icons of Prosperity

While Stephen, Deborah, and Dorothy bask in their immense wealth, let’s not forget the illustrious trio from the inaugural Bling Empire installment. Kim Lee, Kane Lim, and Kevin Kreider have carved their niches as icons of prosperity, each boasting a formidable net worth.

Kim Lee, with her multifaceted talents, has amassed a substantial fortune through her endeavors in music, modeling, and acting.

Kane Lim, known for his impeccable taste and entrepreneurial ventures, stands tall as a beacon of financial success.

Kevin Kreider, a versatile figure in the entertainment industry, continues to make waves with his diverse portfolio of achievements.