Brandon and Brady Clayton want to strike gold for their family at just 19 and 21


Who Are Brandon and Brady Clayton?

Meet the Clayton Brothers, Brandon, and Brady, the latest additions to the Gold Rush family in 2023. These two young and ambitious miners have quickly become fan favorites on the popular Discovery show, where they’re determined to prove themselves in the world of gold mining.

The Clayton Brothers’ Beginnings Before their gold mining adventure, the Clayton family had a different path. Their father, Glenn, spent nearly four decades working in the Albertan oil fields. Unfortunately, their family business faced tough times and eventually went bankrupt. To overcome their financial struggles, the Clayton family decided to try their luck in the world of gold mining.

Discovery introduced the Clayton Brothers to the Gold Rush audience in September 2022, highlighting their family’s financial hardships. The show revealed that their modest mining operation was in dire need of gold to pay off their debts. Fortunately, they stumbled upon the Golden Acres, an area in the Klondike where gold was said to be twice as abundant as in other parts.


Brandon and Brady’s Journey on Gold Rush

The Clayton Brothers made their debut on Gold Rush in 2021, joining forces with seasoned miner Fred Lewis during season 12. Their journey continued into season 13, where they could be seen setting up their mining equipment with the assistance of experienced miners Freddy Dodge and Juan Ibarra.

In this latest season, the brothers are running their own mining operation, a testament to their determination and growth as miners. But they aren’t alone in their pursuit of gold. During the 2021 season, Brandon and Brady’s younger sister also joined the family team, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to their shared goal.

A Family Affair Adding to the familial bond, Brandon’s girlfriend, Rylee, played her part by driving herself and the brothers’ younger sister, Janae, to the gold mine. Janae, at just 16 years old, decided to put her education on hold to join her family in their gold mining efforts, highlighting the Clayton family’s resilience and unity in the face of adversity.

Brandon and Brady’s Ages and Background Operating their mining venture in California Creek, Yukon Valley, are 21-year-old Brandon and 19-year-old Brady Clayton. Their journey into gold mining started in 2016, and they’ve been dedicated to the pursuit ever since.

Brandon Clayton can be found on Instagram at @_bradyclayton, and his brother, Brady Clayton, is also active on Instagram under the handle @brandonlayneclayton. These platforms provide glimpses into their lives and mining adventures, connecting them with fans and fellow miners.


The Clayton Brothers’

story is one of resilience, determination, and the pursuit of dreams in the challenging world of gold mining. As they continue to learn, grow, and make their mark on Gold Rush, viewers can’t help but root for these young guns in their quest for gold.

If you’re eager to follow Brandon and Brady Clayton’s journey, be sure to catch Gold Rush on Discovery every Friday at 8 PM. Don’t miss their adventures as they strive to strike gold and secure a prosperous future for their family.