Bungo Stray Dogs: Does Osamu Dazai Die In The Manga?



 A Shocking Turn of Events

Episode 10 of Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5 has left fans in disbelief. Osamu Dazai, a beloved character, faced a dire situation when he was shot in the forehead by Chuuya, someone he shared a unique bond with. But the burning question remains: Is Dazai really dead?


 The Manga Clues

In episode 10, the story followed chapter 109 of the manga, where Chuuya’s bullet found its mark on Dazai. While it seemed like Dazai might have met his end, the manga hasn’t confirmed his fate yet.


The Wait for Answers

If you’re eager to find out what happened to Dazai, the next logical step would be to turn to the manga. However, there’s a catch – the manga has only reached 110 chapters, and there’s no mention of Dazai’s condition in the latest chapter. The anime has caught up with the manga, leaving fans hanging in suspense.


A Glimmer of Hope

Interestingly, the manga provides a bit more insight into Dazai’s situation. After being shot in the head, Dazai uttered some cryptic words, saying, “At long last, I’ve been looking forward to this…” Could this imply that he’s not dead and is waiting for the right moment to make his move?


The Importance of Dazai

Dazai holds a special place in the hearts of Bungo Stray Dogs fans, much like Gojo in Jujutsu Kaisen or Levi in Attack on Titan. Losing such a beloved character would undoubtedly upset many viewers.


Fan Theories Emerge

Fans have been busy speculating about Dazai’s fate. One theory focuses on the bullet holes left on the wall behind Dazai. While two holes were from shots to his shoulders and one to his abdomen, there’s no corresponding hole for the shot to his head. Could it be that Chuuya’s gravity manipulation caused the bullet to merely graze Dazai?


A Deceptive Ploy?

Another intriguing theory suggests that Chuuya may be pretending to have shot Dazai to gain the trust of Fyodor. Chuuya was known to have difficulty hitting his targets earlier in the chapter, and this act could be part of a bigger plan to deceive Fyodor.


The Author’s Next Move

Ultimately, the fate of Dazai lies in the hands of the author. While these theories offer possible explanations, only time will reveal the truth. We might need to wait for more manga chapters or even a new season of the anime to get the answers we seek.


 Your Thoughts?

So, dear fans of Bungo Stray Dogs, what’s your take on the matter? Do you believe Dazai is truly gone, or do you think there’s a twist waiting to be unveiled in the story? Share your thoughts and theories as we eagerly await the next chapter in this gripping tale.