Busta Rhymes’ Children: Everything To Know About His 6 Children



Busta Rhymes, the acclaimed rapper, recently received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at the BET Awards 2023. This recognition has placed him in the spotlight, and people are eager to learn more about the man behind the music. As we celebrate his remarkable career, let’s also delve into his personal life and get to know the six children who are a part of his world.


Busta Rhymes’ Family:

Amidst the emotions of his acceptance speech, Busta Rhymes expressed his gratitude for this esteemed award and reminisced about his journey, which began with the group “Leaders of the New School.” He emphasized the importance of bringing one’s best to the music industry, inspiring musicians and rappers worldwide.


The Mystery of Busta Rhymes’ Children:

Busta Rhymes is a father to six wonderful children, consisting of three boys and three girls. Their birth years span from 1993 to 2006. While we are familiar with his former partner, Joanne Wood, who is the mother of some of his children, the identity of the mothers of his other three children remains undisclosed. Busta Rhymes, despite his global fame, prefers to shield his personal and love life from the media’s scrutiny.


Family with Three Different Partners:

The rapper’s six children are the result of relationships with three different partners: Rhonda Randall, Joanne Wood, and Jill Miskelly. Each child brings a unique chapter to Busta Rhymes’ family story, contributing to the colorful tapestry of his life.


Meet Busta Rhymes’ Children:

T’Ziah Wood-Smith: The eldest child, T’Ziah, has pursued a career in the financial services sector. He is a proud graduate of Quinnipiac University, showcasing both his father’s talent and his dedication to education.

T’Khi Wood-Smith: T’Khi, another of Busta Rhymes’ sons, completed his education at Baldwin Senior High School, taking significant steps toward his future.

Mariah Smith: Mariah Smith, a son of the rapper, adds to the dynamic mix of personalities in the family.

Cacie Smith: Cacie Smith is one of the three daughters of Busta Rhymes, contributing her unique presence to the family’s dynamics.

Busta Rhymes’ life is not only marked by his extraordinary musical journey but also by the love and connection he shares with his six children. As we continue to celebrate his lifetime achievement in the music industry, it’s heartening to glimpse into his role as a father, where the rhythm of family life harmonizes with his musical beats.

In the world of Busta Rhymes, music and family come together to create a beautiful symphony, and his six children are an essential part of this melody.