Calgary Falconridge Incident: Rival Eritrean groups clash in northeast Calgary



In a recent incident in northeast Calgary, things got heated as two Eritrean groups clashed, causing quite a stir in the neighborhood. People are curious about what went down, and they’re searching the internet for answers. We’re here to provide you with the details of this incident and shed light on the reasons behind it.


What Happened in Calgary’s Falconridge Area?

On a Saturday night, a bustling community in northeast Calgary came to a standstill due to a fierce confrontation between two groups. Falconridge Boulevard, the road between Castleridge Boulevard and McKnight Boulevard N.E., had to be shut down in both directions because of this altercation. Witnesses at the scene reported that around 150 to 200 young individuals had gathered in a parking area around 6 o’clock in the evening. They were seen holding long sticks and appeared to be rushing towards another group or individuals.

Mian Wahid, who was present in the vicinity during the incident, described the situation: “It appeared as though they were going there to attack some other individuals or a different group.” Initially, it was mistaken for a protest, but suddenly, the atmosphere turned tense. Footage captured by witnesses showed men from both sides wielding long sticks and bats, with some even wearing helmets. Some were waving blue banners with the previous Eritrean flag, while others sported blue T-shirts adorned with the Eritrean flag.

Another witness recalled that when the altercation began, he was parked on Castleridge Boulevard. “I put my phone up and started filming videos as people came out of their cars with two-by-fours and pipes,” he said. “One guy told me they were protesting the dictatorship in Eritrea, and I thought, ‘Why do they have two-by-fours and pipes if they’re protesting a dictatorship?'” As tensions escalated, the witness had to leave, and upon his return, he found a heavy police presence in the area, with numerous police and emergency vehicles, and even police officers on horseback.

While reports suggest a few minor injuries, an official count has not been provided. However, it’s important to note that the situation prompted the police to evacuate the strip mall’s parking lot on McKnight Boulevard and Falconridge Boulevard N.E. around 9 o’clock that evening.


Uncovering the Reasons Behind the Clash

Now, let’s delve into the reasons behind this intense confrontation. It’s clear that tensions were high, and people were carrying weapons, but what exactly sparked this clash?

The initial information suggests that the altercation may have been related to concerns about the dictatorship in Eritrea. One witness mentioned that the protesters had conveyed their opposition to the Eritrean regime. However, the presence of weapons like two-by-fours and pipes has left many questioning the true nature of the gathering.



The incident in northeast Calgary’s Falconridge area was undoubtedly a cause for concern. With a significant police presence and road closures, it disrupted the peace of the neighborhood. As details continue to emerge, it’s essential to understand the underlying reasons for such clashes to prevent similar incidents in the future.