Candice Mitchell Obituary Her Career Life Explored



A Fond Farewell to Candice Mitchell

Candice Mitchell, a talented actress and model, left us on January 1, 2023, leaving behind cherished memories and a lasting legacy. Today, we celebrate her life, exploring her remarkable career and her deep love for the arts.


Candice’s Journey

Candice’s journey through the world of fashion and entertainment was truly inspiring. Back in the 1980s and early 1990s, she dazzled audiences in London, Tokyo, and Los Angeles. Her talent led her to become a member of both SAG and AFTRA in 1988, marking the beginning of an exceptional career.


A Sweet Start

Candice’s career hit the fast track when she starred in a Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum commercial. It was her breakout role, and it left a sweet impression on viewers everywhere. Her charisma and beauty were hard to forget.


Rocking with Tom Petty

In 1989, Candice graced the music video for Tom Petty’s iconic song, “Free Fallin.” Her presence in the video added an extra layer of charm to the already beloved song. It was a moment that many of her fans will forever cherish.


Behind the Lens

Candice was not just about being in front of the camera; she also had a passion for photography. She transitioned into professional photography, leaving her mark on the industry. Her impressive client list included Belle Magazine, Miss New Mexico USA, and Miss Teen New Mexico USA, showcasing her versatile talent.


A Start at Twelve

Remarkably, Candice’s modeling journey began when she was just twelve years old. She had an early start and quickly rose through the ranks, capturing the hearts of many with her grace and poise.


Guiding the Next Generation

Candice was more than a talent; she was a mentor. She guided aspiring models and actors, particularly cherishing the opportunity to photograph children and families. Her extensive portfolio of work is a testament to her skill and her heart’s dedication.


A Daughter’s Pride

Candice’s daughter, Micaela Rose, holds a special place in her heart. On Micaela’s twelfth birthday, her husband Donovan Stevens arranged a beautiful surprise. He restored Candice’s first photoshoot as a gift to their daughter, honoring the love they shared.


Following in Her Mother’s Footsteps

Today, Micaela Rose is pursuing her own dreams of becoming a professional model, actress, and singer. Candice was a proud mother, always supporting her daughter’s ambitions. It’s a legacy of talent and creativity that continues to shine.


Lights, Camera, Action

Even as her career expanded into photography, Candice occasionally graced the silver screen. One of her notable roles was in the film “Light of Darkness.” Directed by the talented Marco Martinez, this film is still in post-production, promising a memorable performance from Candice.


A Lasting Legacy

Candice was an artist at heart, deeply passionate about art, fashion, and photography. Her dedication to her craft made her an inspiration to many. Her work will forever be a testament to her remarkable journey through the world of fashion and entertainment.


In Loving Memory

Today, we remember Candice Mitchell not only for her incredible talent but for the love, support, and inspiration she shared with the world. Her memory lives on through her work and the lives she touched. Though she may have left us, her legacy remains strong.