Chantel and Pedro never had a baby during their five-year marriage



Chantel and Pedro Jimeno, renowned figures in the 90-Day Fiancé universe, shared a five-year marriage journey, yet one chapter was notably absent: the arrival of a little one. Delving into their story, fans unearthed reasons why this couple might not have been prepared for parenthood during their union.


The Family Chantel Saga: A Relationship Under Scrutiny

Their relationship, featured in The Family Chantel, has been under the public’s watchful eye for years. Regrettably, what was anticipated to evolve maturely seems to have taken a different trajectory, leaving viewers pondering their dynamic.

Chantel, vocal about her yearning for motherhood, encountered pleas from fans, advising her to tread thoughtfully. As we fast-forward to today, divorce proceedings are underway, ushering in a new chapter.


The Baby Talk Dilemma: Chantel’s Yearning vs Pedro’s Caution

The subject of having children arose frequently, especially in season 4 of The Family Chantel. At 30, Chantel expressed her eagerness to embrace motherhood. In contrast, Pedro, aged 29, advocated for a delay of about five years before embarking on the baby conversation.

This stark difference in their views on family planning raised eyebrows. Chantel received startling news from her nurse about the challenges of a high-risk pregnancy at 35. For many viewers, this disparity signaled that they might not be in sync for such a significant step.

Moreover, their communication breakdown added to the reservations. On-screen, Chantel acknowledged her relief when her family probed Pedro about babies, viewing it as the only means to fathom his thoughts.

As of now, their story has taken a turn towards separation. Legal documents from May 27, 2022, revealed Pedro’s filing for divorce, citing an “irretrievably broken” marriage. Allegations and counter-claims have since come to light, revealing the complexities of their union.


Fan Voices: Concerns and Hopes

The show’s fervent following took to Twitter to share their sentiments regarding Chantel and Pedro’s contemplation of starting a family. While some root for Chantel, commending her potential as a mother, they express reservations about Pedro’s readiness.

A tweet resonated with, “Chantel deserves a baby. She would be an amazing mom, but Hunny Pedro is not the one.” Another echoed this sentiment, hoping that Chantel’s journey to motherhood takes a different path.

Others extend empathy towards Pedro, recognizing that timing might be a crucial factor. “He clearly loves Chantel, I just don’t think he is ready,” one fan remarked, acknowledging the complexities of their situation.


Unveiling Pedro’s Transformation: Bitterness and Altered Dynamics

Keen-eyed fans observed a shift in Pedro’s demeanor in the later seasons. A palpable bitterness seemed to color his interactions with Chantel, leading to a noticeable chill in their relationship. This sudden transformation troubled many, marking a departure from their earlier dynamic.

Their love story, which ignited swiftly and endured through the trials of long-distance dating, was not without its familial challenges. Pedro’s revelations about his family’s painful experiences deeply affected his outlook, potentially influencing the course of their relationship.


Conclusion: Navigating Relationships, Past and Future

Chantel and Pedro’s journey paints a portrait of love tested by time and circumstance. As they navigate the complexities of their union, questions about parenthood remain unanswered. Their story serves as a reminder that the path to family isn’t always straightforward, and each step forward demands reflection and understanding.