Chase Johnson formed band on Laguna Beach and is still rocking out today



In 2004, MTV unveiled the iconic reality series ‘Laguna Beach,’ introducing us to the lives of Laguna Beach High School students. Chase Johnson, a name etched in its history, emerged as one of the original cast members, leaving an indelible mark on the show’s legacy.


Life Beyond Laguna Beach

While some cast members soared to greater fame, Chase Johnson chose a different path. His journey led him to music and entrepreneurship, showcasing his versatility and determination to forge his own narrative.


Chase’s Rockstar Journey

During his time on ‘Laguna Beach,’ Chase co-founded the band ‘Open Air Stereo,’ an endeavor that would lead them to secure a coveted record deal. Although the original band is no more, Chase’s passion for music continues to burn brightly.


The Multifaceted Chase Today

Now 34, Chase Johnson wears multiple hats. Not only is he the frontman of ‘Half The Animal,’ a dynamic band, but he also wears the cap of CEO and founder of LoveLips Inc., a record label that mirrors his musical fervor.


Love and Legacy: Chase’s Personal Journey

Beyond the spotlight, Chase embraces a fulfilling family life, anchored in California. His Instagram is a testament to his joy, capturing precious moments with his partner, Danielle Christina Savage, and their cherished family.

As he immerses himself in his musical odyssey with ‘Half The Animal,’ Chase’s Twitter bio reveals another passion: photography. Through captivating snapshots, he offers a glimpse into his artistic vision.

Chase Johnson’s evolution from Laguna Beach star to a thriving musician and entrepreneur is a testament to his unwavering spirit and dedication. Today, he stands as an inspiration for those who dare to chase their dreams.