Chef Victoire Gouloubi’s Husband, Simon, Her Net Worth, and More



After gaining popularity on the upcoming season of Top Chef, people are eager to learn more about Victoire Gouloubi, including details about her husband, Simon, and her net worth. In this article, we’ll provide you with all the information you need.


Victoire Gouloubi’s Husband – Simon

Victoire Gouloubi’s husband, Simon, is an attorney. The couple is happily married and blessed with two children. Their strong bond and mutual support in their respective careers have endeared them to many. People admire this loving couple who often spend quality time together, especially enjoying dishes prepared by Victoire. Simon has a distinctive black mustache that adds to his charming personality, and they make a great-looking pair.


Early Life and Passion for Cooking

Born in Brazzaville in 1981, Victoire Gouloubi hails from a large family with 15 brothers and sisters. Her passion for cooking developed in her childhood, and she decided to pursue a career in culinary arts. Known for being a family-oriented person, she spends a significant amount of time with her children, who thoroughly enjoy her culinary creations.


Top Chef Season and Location

Top Chef is a popular American television show that features top chefs from across the United States competing by preparing culinary dishes. The upcoming season is set to premiere on March 9, 2023, at 8:00 P.M. and will be broadcast on Peacock. While previous seasons were mostly shot in the United States, this season is unique as it will be filmed in London. The anticipation surrounding Victoire Gouloubi’s appearance on the show has sparked curiosity about her net worth.


Net Worth of Victoire Gouloubi

Victoire Gouloubi’s estimated net worth stands at approximately $350,000. She built her culinary career by working alongside a renowned chef and establishing her independent reputation in the industry. In 2015, she received recognition from the Touring Club Italia for her outstanding cuisine and was appointed as the WE-Women for Expo 2015 Ambassador. Victoire also hosts a program called “Tocco Di Victoire,” where she shares culinary insights. The show airs on Sky’s Gambaro Rosso channel. With an Instagram following of 15.6k and a total of 1055 posts, her popularity on social media is expected to grow. You can find her on Instagram with the username @chef_victoire.


Active Presence on Instagram

Victoire Gouloubi maintains an active presence on Instagram, where her posts are warmly received by her followers. Fans eagerly anticipate more content from her. In contrast, her husband Simon prefers to keep a low profile and avoids excessive media attention. That sums up the details about your favorite chef Victoire’s husband and her net worth. We will continue to provide such updates on our website, so stay tuned for more exciting news.



Chef Victoire Gouloubi’s journey from her passion for cooking to her appearance on Top Chef and her impressive net worth is an inspiring story of dedication and talent. As she embarks on this exciting new chapter in London, fans can’t wait to see what culinary delights she brings to the table.