Cook With Comali Season 5 Release Date: Everything’s We Know



Television shows have the power to captivate us, but only a select few manage to keep us glued to our screens. Among our favorites are shows like Bigg Boss, singing reality competitions, and more. While many shows have adaptations in different languages, some regions have their own unique gems that capture the audience’s hearts. “Cook With Comali” is one such show that strikes the perfect balance between comedy, entertainment, and intense culinary battles, making it a favorite among viewers.


A Culinary Comedy Extravaganza

“Cook With Comali” has consistently brought tears of joy to the eyes of its audience, thanks to its unique blend of humor, entertainment, and cooking competitions. This show has successfully completed four seasons and recently concluded its fourth season, leaving fans eager to know the winner. While everyone on the show is a winner in their own right for entertaining us, fans are keen to learn about the official winner and the runner-up of this season.


The Latest Season

The show airs on Vijay TV and recently announced the winner of its fourth season. The journey of “Cook With Comali” Season 4 began on January 28, 2023, with two talented judges, Chef Venkatesh Bhat and Chef Damodharan. The entertaining reality show was hosted by Rakhsan. It kicked off with 10 contestants and later saw the entry of 2 wildcard contestants. Out of these, only 6 contestants managed to secure their spot in the final showdown.


The Winner and Finalists

After rigorous efforts and with the support of their Comali partners, the contestants gave their all to clinch the coveted title. However, there could only be one winner, and that honor went to Mime Gopi. As a reward for his culinary prowess and entertainment skills, Mime Gopi received a trophy, a cash prize of Rs. 5 lakh, and some incredible gifts.

The finalists who vied for the Cook With Comali Season 4 title were:

  1. Mime Gopi – Winner
  2. Srushti Dange – 1st Runner Up
  3. Vichitra
  4. D.R.K Kiran
  5. Andreanne Nouyrigat
  6. Vichitra – 2nd Runner Up

Fans of Mime Gopi celebrated his victory on social media, with many expressing that they had believed he was destined to win from the start. The grand finale of the show was packed with entertainment, leaving the audience eagerly anticipating the fifth season.


The Future of “Cook With Comali”

While fans are already eager for the next season, it’s important to note that details about Season 5 are yet to be officially announced. So, for now, viewers will have to exercise patience and wait for the exciting news of the show’s return. The success of “Cook With Comali” assures us that there’s more laughter, culinary drama, and entertainment to come in the future.