Copycats Characters That Marvel, DC Are Guilty Of Copying



Our beloved comic book giants, Marvel and DC, have been entertaining us for decades with their incredible superhero stories. But, did you know that sometimes they create characters that seem a little too familiar? It’s like they’re playing a game of copycat! Let’s dive into the world of comic book doppelgangers and explore 20 characters that Marvel and DC are guilty of copying.


Atomic Skull & Ghost Rider Who’s Guilty: DC Comics Copy Meter: 79%

Our list begins with a character who doesn’t even try to hide its imitation – the Atomic Skull. This fiery character seems to be a direct copy of the iconic Ghost Rider, with a flaming skull and a similar outfit. Ghost Rider rode onto the scene almost a decade before Atomic Skull, making this imitation hard to ignore. While their backstories and powers differ, the resemblance is uncanny. It’s almost like looking at a photocopy.

Who’s More Popular: Ghost Rider


 Guardian & Captain America Who’s Guilty: DC Comics Copy Meter: 80%

Captain America, Marvel’s iconic hero, has been battling villains and saving the world for ages. But did you know that DC’s Guardian bears a striking resemblance to Cap? Both characters were created by the legendary Jack Kirby, and Guardian appears as a less idealistic version of Captain America. They share similarities in their enhanced soldier status and indestructible shields, but Guardian falls short of the iconic status of Captain America.

Who’s More Popular: Captain America


Zatanna & Scarlet Witch Who’s Guilty: DC Comics Copy Meter: 80%

Magic is a powerful force in the comic book world, and both DC and Marvel have wielded it through characters like Zatanna and Scarlet Witch. Scarlet Witch, a mutant with incredible powers, was a hit for Marvel. Shortly after her success, DC introduced Zatanna, a character with a similar magical background and abilities. The similarities between these two magic-wielders are hard to miss, even though their appearances differ.

Who’s More Popular: Scarlet Witch


 Hulk & Solomon Grundy Who’s Guilty: Both Copy Meter: 80%

Hulk and Solomon Grundy could easily be mistaken for long-lost twins. Both are massive, brutish monsters with limited mental capacity and a penchant for destruction. They share a desire to be left alone and possess incredible strength. While there’s no concrete evidence of direct copying, the similarities between these two behemoths are too conspicuous to ignore.

Who’s More Popular: Hulk


 Bullseye & Deadshot Who’s Guilty: Marvel Comics Copy Meter: 83%

Deadshot predates Bullseye and has a history of clashing with Batman. Deadshot is a meticulous marksman, often portrayed as a villain but occasionally as a hero. Bullseye shares Deadshot’s uncanny accuracy but takes things more personally, making him a bit more ruthless. While there’s no direct connection, their power sets align closely, making them look like siblings in the world of sharpshooting.

Who’s More Popular: Deadshot


 Elongated Man & Mr. Fantastic Who’s Guilty: Marvel Comics Copy Meter: 84%

Elongated Man and Mr. Fantastic have a lot in common, from their stretching abilities to their debut years. Both characters can stretch their bodies in incredible ways, using their unique talents for heroics. Interestingly, both were created by comic legends, and their powers are practically identical. It’s no stretch to say that Mr. Fantastic was likely inspired by Elongated Man.

Who’s More Popular: Mr. Fantastic


 Moon Knight & Batman Who’s Guilty: Marvel Comics Copy Meter: 85%

Batman, the wealthy crime-fighting vigilante, is a household name in the comic book world. Moon Knight, introduced later, shares some striking similarities with the Dark Knight. Both are highly skilled crime fighters who operate at night and have a penchant for combat. Moon Knight even has a moon-themed vehicle! While not a direct copy, the similarities are evident.

Who’s More Popular: Batman


 Mockingbird & Black Canary Who’s Guilty: Marvel Comics Copy Meter: 87%

Mockingbird was created as a homage to Black Canary, and the resemblance between these two characters is undeniable. Both are skilled fighters who can hold their own against the best. Even their costumes are remarkably similar. The main difference is Black Canary’s superpower, but their code names and romantic interests are remarkably bird-themed.

Who’s More Popular: Black Canary


Black Cat & Catwoman Who’s Guilty: Marvel Comics Copy Meter: 88%

Black Cat’s debut came years after Catwoman’s, but the similarities are too apparent to ignore. Both characters start as villains but have a moral code that guides their actions. They share a penchant for thieving and wear sleek, black outfits. These two could easily pass as long-lost sisters in the world of comics.

Who’s More Popular: Catwoman


Sentry & Superman Who’s Guilty: Marvel Comics Copy Meter: 88%

Superman is undoubtedly one of DC’s greatest creations, and his success inspired many imitators. Sentry is one such character, with powers rivaling the Man of Steel. Both characters are portrayed as powerful saviors, and Sentry’s costume even features a prominent “S,” reminiscent of Superman’s emblem. Who would win in a fight between these two powerhouses? It’s a question that lingers.

Who’s More Popular: Superman


Lobo & Wolverine Who’s Guilty: DC Comics Copy Meter: 88%

Lobo and Wolverine are two of the most badass characters in comic book history. Wolverine, a mutant with retractable claws and near-immortality, has been a fan favorite for decades. Lobo, the intergalactic bounty hunter with an insatiable appetite for chaos, is equally formidable. Lobo serves as a parody of Wolverine, embodying the hypermasculine, rugged hero of the era. Though not direct copies, their shared essence is undeniable.

In the world of comic books, it’s not uncommon to find characters who bear a striking resemblance to their counterparts in rival universes. These copycats may not always match the original, but they add their unique flavor to the world of superheroes. As fans, we can appreciate the diversity they bring to the comic book landscape.