Damien Perquis Accident: What Happened To Former Footballer Damien Perquis?



Damien Perquis: A Brief Background

Damien Perquis, a former professional football player from France, was known for his role as a central defender. He played for various clubs in France and abroad, including Troyes AC, Saint-Étienne, Sochaux, and Real Betis. In 2015, he briefly joined Toronto FC in Major League Soccer (MLS). On June 15, 2020, Perquis announced his retirement from football through his social media. Following his retirement, he took on the position of an assistant coach for the Gazélec Ajaccio reserve team.


Damien Perquis’ Accident: What Happened?

In 2013, during a soccer match, Damien Perquis faced a severe injury. The incident occurred during a collision with Malaga’s attacker, Fabrice Olinga. This hard collision led to the shattering of Damien’s jaw. The game was against Real Betis, the team he was playing for at the time. Swiftly, an ambulance rushed him to a nearby hospital. Betis later confirmed that he had suffered a double jaw fracture. He was scheduled to be transferred to a hospital in Seville for specialized treatment.


Surgery and Recovery

Following the clash with Fabrice Olinga, Damien Perquis underwent surgery for his double jaw fracture. The operation took place at the Fremap clinic, where he was attended by the skilled maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Fernando Manso. Dr. Fernando provided detailed information about Damien’s injuries and outlined the expected recovery time after the procedure. There were reports of an additional collision between Perquis and Fabrice Olinga, resulting in Damien losing consciousness. He was immediately taken to the Carlos Haya Hospital in Málaga.


 Current Status of Damien Perquis

As of now, Damien Perquis is leading a healthy and normal life. There are no ongoing concerns regarding his well-being. It’s essential for fans and well-wishers to know that he has recuperated well from the accident. Damien’s resilience and determination have played a crucial role in his recovery.


 Damien Perquis: Life After Football

Since retiring from professional football, Damien Perquis has transitioned into a coaching role. He serves as an assistant coach for the Gazélec Ajaccio reserve team. This shift demonstrates his continued dedication to the world of football, albeit in a different capacity.



Damien Perquis, the former French footballer, faced a significant challenge in 2013 when he suffered a double jaw fracture during a game. Thanks to skilled medical intervention and Damien’s own determination, he made a successful recovery. Today, he is actively contributing to the football community as an assistant coach. Fans can take comfort in knowing that Damien Perquis is leading a healthy and fulfilling life after his playing days.