Dance Monsters doesn’t involve real robots despite fan confusion over the show

Dance Monsters doesn't involve real robots despite fan confusion over the show



Dance Monsters, the new Netflix dance competition, has left many viewers both entertained and puzzled. With contestants appearing as CGI avatars, confusion has arisen, leading some to question whether these performers are robots or real humans. In this article, we’ll clarify the mystery behind Dance Monsters and how it all works.


The Concept of Dance Monsters:

Dance Monsters features 15 amateur dancers who don CGI avatars to showcase their dance skills, aiming to impress judges Ne-Yo, Lele Pons, and Ashley Banjo for a chance to win a grand prize of $250,000. Hosting the show is Ashley Roberts. The use of holograms on the screen has left many scratching their heads, drawing comparisons to another show called Alter Ego.


Are Dance Monsters Robots?

The straightforward answer is no; the Dance Monsters contestants are not robots. They may look like robots on screen, but in reality, they are real people dancing behind the scenes. The magic happens through computer-generated imagery (CGI), not actual robotic beings. Robots are physical machines that mimic human movements automatically, while these performers are humans connected to CGI technology.


How Dance Monsters is Filmed:

To capture the essence of Dance Monsters, the audience and judges see the dancers dressed in their costumes, which are connected to CGI. What the viewers witness on screen is the holographic representation of the performers, not just a person dancing on the stage. This technology blurs the line between reality and fantasy.

An Inside Look: An audience member who attended the tapings of two episodes shared their experience on Twitter. They mentioned that the characters on the stage LED wall appeared as low-resolution versions, while live audiences clapped at what seemed like an empty stage. The show cleverly combines footage of the performers on the sound stage in their costumes with the holographic performance, creating a visually stunning spectacle.


The Confusion Surrounding Dance Monsters:

Dance Monsters has left Netflix fans bewildered, not only in terms of what the audience and judges witness but also regarding the intricacies of the CGI technology. Some even wonder if the eliminations are pre-recorded. In reality, the dancers perform live backstage, while their CGI avatars entertain the audience. These dancers are connected to machines that mimic their every move. To protect their identity, the camera blurs their faces.


Boosting Confidence:

Netflix has reported that those behind the CGI avatars experienced increased confidence levels. The real individuals who bring these monsters to life have unique stories explaining why this high-tech disguise has given them the courage to perform in front of an audience. Dance Monsters is not just a competition; it’s a journey of self-discovery for these talented individuals.


My Conclusive View:

In summary, Dance Monsters is not about robots but rather real people who use CGI technology to create mesmerizing performances. The confusion surrounding the show’s filming techniques has sparked intrigue among viewers. This innovative approach to dance competition has not only entertained but also empowered its participants. So, the next time you watch Dance Monsters, remember that there are humans with incredible stories and talents behind those enchanting holograms.