Daniel Khalife Sister Name: Father Joseph Khalife And Mother Maria Khalife



Daniel Khalife, a former British soldier, recently made headlines with his daring escape from HM Prison Wandsworth in London on September 6, 2023. Facing allegations related to terrorism, he has become the focus of a nationwide manhunt, with suspicions that he may have fled the country. In the midst of the intrigue surrounding his prison break, many have become curious about his family background, particularly concerning his sister. However, official details about her have not been disclosed on social media platforms.


Daniel Khalife’s Mysterious Sister

Although Daniel Khalife has a twin sister, specific information about her remains shrouded in secrecy. While some online sources claim her name is Emily Khalife, it’s important to note that this information lacks confirmation from reputable media outlets. The Telegraph did report that a few years ago, Daniel’s mother and sister lived near the outskirts of Richmond Park, London. Their property was discreetly monitored by plainclothes officers. According to a neighbor, there was a mother with a son and a daughter living upstairs. Approximately three years ago, about a year after their arrival in the area, they relocated to Wales, leaving behind many unanswered questions about Daniel’s sister.


Meet Daniel Khalife’s Parents

Daniel Khalife’s parents, Maria Khalife and Joseph Khalife, both of Middle Eastern descent, raised him in London. While limited information is available about them, they were known for their reserved nature within their neighborhood. However, their lives took an unexpected turn as they found themselves thrust into the spotlight due to their son Daniel’s dramatic escape from prison, which drew significant public interest.

Despite the heightened media attention and the widespread discussions surrounding Daniel’s prison break, his parents have chosen to remain discreet, refraining from making any public statements about their son’s case.


The Elusive Daniel Khalife

Daniel Khalife’s escape from prison on September 6, 2023, has left his whereabouts shrouded in mystery. Speculations abound that he may have fled the country, but concrete confirmation remains elusive as an ongoing manhunt continues. Before his arrest on January 26, 2023, Daniel served as a computer network engineer with the Royal Corps of Signals.

Remarkably, he joined the army at the young age of 16 in 2018 and became a soldier in the British Army in 2019. At the time of his arrest in January 2023, he was stationed at Beacon Barracks in Stafford. Daniel is scheduled to stand trial on November 13, 2023. Allegations suggest that he was involved in gathering information intended for transmission to Iran.



while the escape of Daniel Khalife continues to capture the public’s attention, his family members remain enigmatic figures, with details about his sister Emily and his parents Maria and Joseph Khalife shrouded in mystery. As the manhunt for Daniel continues, many questions about his family background remain unanswered.