David Walliams Controversy: What Did He Say To Get Fired From BGT?



Renowned television personality and children’s author, David Walliams, found himself amidst a storm of controversy due to his remarks during a recording of Britain’s Got Talent. This article delves into the incident and its aftermath.


The Controversial Remarks

During the taping of an episode at the London Palladium in January 2020, Walliams was recorded making derogatory and explicit comments about contestants. One particularly shocking remark targeted a contestant, revealing a side of Walliams that many found deeply offensive. His defenders, however, argued that these comments were never meant for public consumption.


Incident Breakdown

One incident captured in the transcript involved an older performer engaging in light banter with the judges. After an unsuccessful audition, this performer exited the stage. It was during this moment, out of earshot, that Walliams uttered offensive language about him. These comments were inadvertently picked up by microphones in the auditorium. Such recordings are typically made for potential broadcast, revealing candid interactions between judges.


Insensitive Remarks Continue

A second incident involved a female contestant who had just finished her audition. Walliams described her in a manner that was deemed insensitive and inappropriate. This incident further fueled the controversy surrounding his behavior.


David’s Apology

In the wake of this revelation, Walliams extended a heartfelt apology to those affected by his comments. He acknowledged that his remarks were made during private conversations and were never intended for public scrutiny. Despite this apology, the aftermath of the controversy led to significant changes in the show’s lineup.


A New Era for BGT

With the premiere of a new season of Britain’s Got Talent, Bruno Tonioli, a former Strictly Come Dancing judge, steps into the judging panel. Notably absent from the panel is David Walliams, who decided to leave the program the previous year after a decade-long tenure. The departure raised speculation about his replacement, eventually leading to Bruno’s appointment.


Simon Cowell’s Response

Simon Cowell, an executive producer and judge on the show, voiced his disapproval of Walliams’ inappropriate comments towards participants. He emphasized that such behavior cannot be condoned. While not directly involved in Walliams’ exit, Cowell confirmed that discussions took place among the producers.


David Walliams’ Legacy

For his contributions to Britain’s Got Talent, Walliams received the esteemed Best TV Judge award in the 2015, 2018, 2019, and 2020 National Television Awards. His departure marks the end of an era for the show, and the new season ushers in a fresh chapter.



The David Walliams controversy remains a significant chapter in the history of Britain’s Got Talent. It highlights the importance of respectful conduct in the entertainment industry. As the show moves forward with new faces and fresh perspectives, it will be interesting to see how this chapter unfolds. Thank you for your patience, and we hope you found this information enlightening.