Demon Slayer Why Can Nezuko Go In The Sun How Did Nezuko Conquer The Sun


The heart-pounding conclusion of Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village Arc left us all on the edge of our seats. It seemed like Tanjiro’s mission to save his sister Nezuko from the clutches of demonhood might have ended in tragedy. Nezuko, a demon, was under the scorching sun, a deadly threat to her kind. But then, something incredible happened that changed everything. Nezuko not only survived the sunlight but also displayed newfound abilities. In this article, we’ll unravel the mystery of how Nezuko conquered the sun and delve into the implications of this astonishing development.


Why Do Demons Burn in the Sun?

Demons in the world of Demon Slayer have a crippling weakness – they can’t withstand sunlight. Sunlight burns them and robs them of their regenerative powers, leading to their demise. The exact reason for this vulnerability remained a mystery until now. Muzan, the ultimate demon, sought to overcome this weakness by consuming the rare Blue Spider Lily flower.


Nezuko’s Immunity to Sunlight

The series provides some answers about Nezuko’s newfound immunity to sunlight, especially in the manga’s closing chapters. Nezuko hails from a Sun Breathing lineage, which allows her to endure daylight. After the intense battle with Hantengu, she could step into sunlight, sparking numerous theories. Some suggest that her refusal to consume human blood played a pivotal role in her transformation.

It’s plausible that when Nezuko pushed Tanjiro away, sacrificing herself, her human nature overpowered her demon instincts. Many agree that Nezuko now seems more human than any other demon. Her ability to speak in fragmented phrases further supports this transformation.


The Hinokami Kagura Connection

Much like Tanjiro, Nezuko was exposed to the Hinokami Kagura breathing style, which mimics the power of the sun. This exposure allowed her body to adapt to sunlight’s properties, ultimately enabling her to conquer the sun.


Could Nezuko Use Sun Breathing?

While Nezuko has been regaining her human attributes, she won’t be able to master Sun Breathing like her brother, Tanjiro. Nevertheless, her lineage of Hinokami Kagura users likely played a crucial role in her survival. Additionally, her blood demon art, Combustible Blood, draws influence from her Sun Breathing lineage, allowing her to ignite her blood into flames harmful to demons and demon-origin objects.


The Aftermath of Nezuko’s Sun Conquest

Nezuko’s newfound ability to withstand sunlight brought joy to many, including the cunning Muzan. With Nezuko’s resistance to sunlight, Muzan can abandon his futile quest for the Blue Spider Lily. Now, his plan is simple – absorb Nezuko, becoming the ‘perfect being’ with limitless power, unbound by the shadows. A demon capable of basking in sunlight without harm is virtually immortal, except for wounds from Nichirin swords. This development spells trouble for Tanjiro, as Muzan now has his sights set on Nezuko.


Demons Who Conquered the Sun

Nezuko and Tanjiro Kamado are the only demons known to walk in the sun. Nezuko achieved this feat after her battle with Hantengu. In a shocking twist, Tanjiro himself became a demon, not just any demon, but the Demon King, during the final battle with Muzan. Astonishingly, he too survived in sunlight.

This revelation suggests that their bloodline set them apart from other demons. Muzan himself acknowledges this fact in later chapters. Over centuries, the Kamado family’s interaction with flames modified their bodies, granting them unique abilities.



The recent developments in Demon Slayer have left fans astounded and craving for more. Nezuko’s newfound ability to withstand sunlight has opened up a world of possibilities and dangers. As Muzan sets his sights on her, Tanjiro’s journey is bound to become even more treacherous.

The Kamado siblings’ resilience and unique bloodline have propelled them into uncharted territories as demons who can conquer the sun. The mysteries surrounding their powers and their connection to the sun are sure to keep fans speculating and theorizing for a long time to come.