Denton Police Christopher Morgan, Officers Under Investigation Over Viral Tiktok Video



The Denton Police Department has launched an investigation into the actions of its officers following an incident on April 7 that has gained widespread attention on social media. This incident unfolded at a residential building on 4th Street, where officers were called to mediate a dispute between a landlord and a tenant. However, what transpired during this encounter has raised significant concerns and prompted an internal probe.


The Viral TikTok Video:

The incident at the scene escalated into a heated verbal confrontation between the property owner and the residents. Christopher Morgan, an associate of the landlord, was captured on video threatening and assaulting one of the residents. This video was recorded by a bystander and quickly went viral on various social media platforms. What shocked viewers the most was the moment when Morgan repeatedly punched the glass screen door in front of Denton Police Department officers, who ultimately allowed him to leave without any charges.


Questions Raised:

The viral video has sparked a wave of questions about the Denton Police Department’s response and the officers’ handling of the situation. While many individuals in the video were attempting to pacify Christopher Morgan, the decision of the officers not to take any action against him has left the public concerned.


Police Department’s Response:

Denton Police Department Chief George Bacorn has taken swift action in response to the incident. He has ordered an internal investigation to thoroughly review how his officers responded and managed the situation. The incident’s online attention has compelled the police department to address the matter seriously and evaluate the conduct of its personnel.


Arrest Warrant Issued:

Subsequently, the Denton Police Department has issued an arrest warrant for Christopher Morgan. In the video, Morgan, identifiable by his Chosen Sons Motorcycle Club vest, can be seen damaging the glass door. During the altercation, the woman involved in the dispute requested that the officers arrest him. Despite the assault and threats directed at the resident, the officers allowed Morgan to leave the scene without apprehension.


Charges Filed:

At present, Morgan faces charges of second-degree assault and property damage for his actions. Additionally, senior officials within the Denton Police Department are closely examining the situation and conducting a thorough investigation. Many have questioned the decision of the officers not to arrest the individual involved.


Civilian Review Board Involvement:

The findings of this investigation will be forwarded to a civilian review board, which will assess whether the officers violated any department policies. This comprehensive investigation is expected to span 60 days. While Chief Bacorn has not yet confirmed whether the findings will be made public, the resolution of civilian complaints will be a matter of public record and available for public request.



As the investigation unfolds, concerns regarding the actions of Denton Police Department officers during this incident continue to resonate. The department’s commitment to transparency and accountability will be closely monitored as the community seeks answers and resolution in this controversial case.