Did MrBeast Fire Chris


Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, is a renowned YouTube sensation with over 140 million subscribers on his main channel. Recently, there have been rumors circulating about the status of his long-time teammate, Chris Tyson, leaving fans in suspense. In this article, we’ll explore the facts and clear the air about Chris’s involvement with MrBeast.


A Transformation Unfolds

Back in 2022, fans began to notice some changes in Chris Tyson’s appearance. Chris himself acknowledged his evolving look, attributing it to the effects of the pandemic. Initially, these alterations sparked curiosity, but soon they took an unexpected turn.


The Critics Emerge

As Chris continued to undergo physical changes, some YouTubers and TikTok influencers delved into speculations, even suggesting that he had abandoned his family. In 2023, Chris announced his separation from his wife and took a break from social media due to mounting criticism. He later made headlines by sharing his successful Hormone Replacement Therapy journey, leading to further scrutiny.


Backlash and Controversy

While Chris Tyson was comfortable with his transformation, a significant portion of MrBeast’s fanbase struggled to accept this sudden change. On platforms like Twitter, Chris faced backlash for what some perceived as “abandoning” his wife and child. The controversy escalated as transphobic comments emerged, targeting Chris’s identity.


MrBeast’s Dilemma

Amidst the controversy surrounding Chris Tyson, YouTuber SunnyV2 released a video titled “Why Chris Will Soon Be A Nightmare For MrBeast.” In the video, SunnyV2 suggested that MrBeast faced a lose-lose situation. If he fired Chris due to the criticism, he risked being labeled as transphobic. Alternatively, if he allowed Chris to embrace his new identity, he might lose a substantial portion of his audience.


MrBeast’s Defense

MrBeast, however, came to Chris’s defense, expressing his discomfort with the invasive and unnecessary nature of the criticism. He made it clear that he stood by Chris and denounced the transphobic remarks from some fans.


Did MrBeast Really Fire Chris Tyson?

Contrary to the rumors, MrBeast has not fired Chris Tyson. In fact, he values his team immensely, considering the empire he has built over the years. The MrBeast brand, including all its ventures, is estimated to be worth over $10 billion, and Jimmy Donaldson recognizes the integral role that Chris has played in its growth.


A Decade-Long Friendship

Jimmy and Chris share a deep friendship that dates back to high school. They both bonded over their shared interest in watching video game content on YouTube. Chris’s involvement with the MrBeast channel began when Jimmy founded it, and their connection has remained strong throughout the years.



Criticism and change are not uncommon in the world of content creation. With a massive and dedicated audience, MrBeast must carefully navigate challenges and make decisions that align with his brand’s values. Chris Tyson remains an essential part of the MrBeast team, and the rumors of his departure have been debunked. As for the evolving identity of Chris, it’s a reminder that people grow and change, and understanding and empathy should always prevail in the online community.