Did Simone Biles Have a Baby? Clearing Up the Rumors



Simone Biles, the world-renowned gymnast, has consistently made headlines for her remarkable achievements in the world of gymnastics. However, recent rumors have been swirling around her personal life, particularly regarding the possibility of her having a baby. This article aims to set the record straight: No, Simone Biles did not have a baby. The rumors were sparked by a heartfelt Instagram post in which she was holding her newborn niece, leading to unfounded speculation about her pregnancy.


Simone Biles: A Gymnastics Legend

Born on March 14, 1997, in Columbus, Ohio, Simone Biles has carved her name into the annals of gymnastics history. She has won numerous gold medals in prestigious competitions, including an impressive four golds at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Her extraordinary life extends beyond the gym, encompassing various aspects of her personal journey.


Debunking the Pregnancy Rumors

The baby rumors surrounding Simone Biles are entirely baseless. These rumors gained momentum after she shared an Instagram photo of herself cradling her newborn niece. It’s essential to emphasize that Simone Biles is not pregnant and has not made any public statements about planning to have a child in the near future. The image that fueled these speculations was a simple expression of her joy and excitement about becoming an aunt.


Family: A Pillar in Simone Biles’ Life

Family has always played a pivotal role in Simone Biles’ life. Born to parents who faced challenges with addiction, she was adopted by her grandparents, Ron and Nellie Biles. Her adoptive parents have provided unwavering support throughout her gymnastic journey and ensured her stable upbringing.


Simone Biles’ Thoughts on Parenthood

Having recently tied the knot with fellow athlete Jonathan Owens, Simone Biles has shared her thoughts about starting a family with her husband. While they haven’t disclosed a specific timeline, they both express excitement about the prospect of becoming parents in the future.


Celebrating Family Milestones

Simone Biles took to Instagram to share some wonderful news with her fans – the arrival of her baby niece. Her announcement as a new aunt was met with joy and warm wishes from her supporters. Her Instagram posts radiate the love and happiness she feels for her growing family.



In conclusion, Simone Biles, a source of inspiration on and off the gymnastics mat, is not expecting a baby. While rumors may have suggested otherwise, her genuine excitement as a new aunt shines through in her social media posts. As she continues to share her personal journey with her fans, her authentic and down-to-earth nature remains a testament to her love for family.




1. Did Simone Biles have a baby?

  • No, Simone Biles did not have a baby. The rumors emerged due to a photo she posted on Instagram of herself holding her newborn niece.

2. Is Simone Biles married?

  • Yes, Simone Biles is married to Jonathan Owens.

3. Is Simone Biles planning to have children?

  • Simone Biles and her husband, Jonathan Owens, have expressed excitement about the possibility of having children in the future.

4. Where was Simone Biles born?

  • Simone Biles was born in Columbus, Ohio, on March 14, 1997.