Dj Azex Death Case: Called girlfriend for 97 sec before suicide



DJ Azex, a beloved Indian DJ known for his extraordinary talent, met a sorrowful end recently. Reports indicate that he collapsed on stage, leading to his hospitalization and eventual demise. This shocking news has gripped the internet, leaving fans in a state of mourning and curiosity about the circumstances surrounding his untimely departure.


The Artist Behind the Name

The artist, known by his birth name Akshay Kumar and performing under the stage name DJ Azex, was a prominent figure in the music scene. In the wake of his sudden demise, speculations and mysteries have swirled on social media platforms. In Bhubaneswar, conversations about this tragic loss are rampant. Photographs of the artist with his girlfriend, Jigyansa, have surfaced, further fueling discussions.


A Glimpse into His Final Moments

One poignant image captures the artist in a moment of profound sadness, tears streaming down his face. In a final email to Jigyansa, he confessed to the weight of his stress and difficulty sleeping, revealing his reliance on sleeping aids. His last words hauntingly read, “You always kept telling me to become a ghost and now I am going to be a ghost permanently. I am leaving for a far-off place.”


Unearthing Complex Relationships

Reports suggest that tensions had marred the relationship between DJ Azex and his girlfriend, exacerbated by his involvement with another woman. Post his passing, the police uncovered crucial evidence: a conference call involving DJ Azex, Jigyansa, and the other woman. Authorities are diligently investigating the possibility of foul play or suicide, though initial signs lean towards the latter. The exact circumstances of his demise, however, remain shrouded in mystery.


A Grieving Community Awaits Answers

The DJ’s cause of death, determined as asphyxiation with the presence of a ligature mark, offers few clues to the enigma surrounding this tragic event. Official statements have yet to disclose further details. As the community mourns the loss of DJ Azex, many remain on edge, eager for more information and hoping for closure. Stay connected with us as we strive to bring you updates on this poignant story.