Does Alaskan Bush People’s Gabe Brown wear makeup?



For years, the Brown family faced challenges in the Alaskan wilderness. Fires, Ami’s battle with cancer, and Billy Brown’s passing in 2021 have tested their strength.


Meet Gabe, the Bush Family Member

Gabriel Starbuck Brown, born on December 15th, 1989, is now 32. He’s been part of Alaskan Bush People from its start, alongside his parents and siblings. Gabe is a devoted husband and father, and he shares moments of his life on Instagram with 191k followers.


Gabe’s New Look

Recent Instagram posts of Gabe show a subtle change – the hint of eyeliner. The Browns have always embraced their unique styles, from ponytails to plaits. After his father’s passing in February 2021, Gabe’s posts evolved, with more portraits and a touch of eyeliner.


Gabe’s Heartfelt Reflections

Through Instagram, Gabe opens up about his emotions and mental health, especially about missing his father. His words reflect the depth of his pain: “Being happy used to be easy… Times are changed, and the room seems empty without you.”


Gabe and Raquell: A Lasting Love

Gabe and Raquell Rose Pantilla exchanged vows in 2020, and their bond endures. Their love story, as Gabe’s mother put it, is like a perfect puzzle. In 2021, Raquell joyfully shared that their family grew, welcoming their second child, making Sophie a proud big sister.