Does August Alsina have any brothers as he stars on The Surreal Life?



August Alsina, known for his music, is currently captivating audiences on The Surreal Life. As fans watched him introduce a guy who seemed like his little brother, they began to wonder about his family. Let’s delve into August’s roots and the brothers who hold a special place in his heart.


From New Orleans to Houston: A Fresh Start

August’s journey started in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he was raised by his parents, Sheila Blair and the late August Alsina Sr, alongside his four siblings. Following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, his mother sought a new beginning in Houston, Texas, taking young August with her.


Brotherhood and Loss

August shares a bond with his brothers, a connection that holds profound significance in his life. Tragically, one of his brothers, Melvin La’Branch III, met a devastating end. On August 31, 2010, just three days prior to August’s 18th birthday, Melvin, aged 24, was fatally shot in eastern New Orleans, where he worked for the family construction company, LaBranch Properties Inc. This profound loss ignited a deeper commitment to his music.


A Peek into the Labranch Brothers’ Lives

Apart from Melvin, August cherishes his brothers, Travis Labranch and Jamal Labranch. Travis, also known as “Kitchen Bae” on Instagram, showcases his culinary skills, whipping up an array of delectable dishes, from chicken to beef tacos.


Reconciliation and Unbreakable Bonds

August’s family extends beyond brothers. He is the proud brother to four siblings, including his sister, Netia La’Branch. Like any family, they weathered disagreements, and August even ventured away from home. However, in 2017, during a Houston concert, they mended their relationship in front of thousands, as he embraced his mother, a touching moment that resonated with many.


Remembering a Beloved Sister-in-law

In 2018, August faced another profound loss. He bid farewell to Chandra, his late brother Melvin’s fiancée, who battled cancer with courage. She departed on Christmas Day, leaving a void that August felt deeply. In the wake of this loss, he became the legal guardian to his nieces, Chaylin, Amaiya, and Kayden, stepping into a role of immense responsibility.


Navigating Parenthood and Passion

August’s role as a guardian to his nieces is layered with complexity, a challenge he candidly shared on The Surreal Life. Balancing his music career with being a parent brings moments of self-reflection. He grapples with the feeling of missing out on pivotal moments in their lives, yet remains devoted to their well-being.

August Alsina’s story is one of family bonds, resilience, and the profound impact of loss. Through his music and his role as a guardian, he continues to navigate life’s complexities with strength and love.