Does Rapper Kano Have Brother And Sister: Where Are Kano’s Parents From?



People are curious about Rapper Kano’s family. Let’s dive into some details about the famous rapper. Born on May 21, 1985, in East Ham, London, England, his real name is Kane Brett Robinson. He’s known for his music and acting, and he’s 38 years old.


Kano’s Early Life

Kano, a talented British rapper, grew up in London with parents from Jamaica. He went to Langod Secondary School. Before music, he played football for teams like Chelsea, West Ham United, and Norwich City, starting when he was only 13.


Kano’s Career Journey

Kano has been in the music scene since 2002. He’s been with labels like 679, Bigger Picture, and Parlophone. He’s also been in movies and TV shows, showcasing his diverse talents.


Kano’s Siblings

Contrary to rumors, Kano doesn’t have a real sister. He’s got a younger brother named Lee Robinson. Lee supports Kano from behind the scenes, not seeking the limelight. He’s often seen cheering for his older brother at concerts. Lee’s happily married and a devoted parent.


Meet Kano’s Half-Sister

While Kano doesn’t have a biological sister, he does have a half-sister. Her name remains a mystery, as Kano values his family’s privacy. We don’t have all the details about his parents either, but we know they’re from Jamaica.



Rapper Kano’s family is an important part of his life. Though he doesn’t have a biological sister, he shares a close bond with his younger brother and a half-sister. They stand by him, supporting his successful career. While Kano keeps his family life private, we can appreciate the love and unity they share.